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Campbell Explorers

Age of Exploration Test Preparation

This Spanish explorer conquered the Inca empire. Francisco Pizzarro
True or False: Corn, tomatoes, and turkey all originated from the Old World False, they were all introduced to explorers by Native Americans in the New World.
There is still no explanation for the mysterious disappearance of this civilization. Mayan Empire
This explorer organized the first circumnavigation of the Earth but did not survive to finish it. Ferdinand Magellan
This Spanish Queen, alongside her husband, King Ferdinand, funded the explorations of Christopher Columbus. Queen Isabella
This navigation tool was invented by the Chinese. Compass
This navigation tool used the position of the sun and stars to help explorers know their locations. Astrolabe
This invasive animal brought over from the Old World destroyed Native American crops at a rapid rate. Pigs
Columbus' first voyage in 1492 resulted in him landing on a large island known as ___________. Hispaniola
Columbus had to convince the king and queen of Spain to fund more voyages to the New World. What did he report about the New World that convinced them to do this? Huge amounts of treasures and "rivers of gold"
These "floating gardens" used by the Aztecs were also known as _______________. Chinampas
The transfer of people, goods, between the Old World and the New World was known as the ____________. Columbian Exchange
What fraction of the world's food supply do historians believe originated from America. 1/3
This French explorer founded the cities of Montreal and Quebec. Samuel de Champlain
This civilization carved steps in the sides of mountains to grow crops. Inca
This disease was thought to have been brought back to the Old World by Columbus and his crew. Syphilis
This disease was responsible for by far the most deaths of native people in the New World. smallpox
This explorer sailed around Africa to India. Vasco da Gama
This French explorer traveled the St. Lawrence River in Canada. Jacques Cartier
Hernan Cortes is responsible for conquering this empire. Aztec
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