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American History #2

Grades 5 to 8

Who was the woman who signaled her father's American troops in 1777? Sybil Ludington (16 years old)
Who was the woman who pretended to be an American soldier in the Revolutionary War? Deborah Sampson
Who was the woman who manned the cannon at the Battle of Monmouth? Molly Pitcher
Why did Molly Pitcher man the cannon at the Battle of Monmouth? Her husband had been killed.
The soldiers of the American Revolution got very thirsty at battle. Women brought them water. What was Molly Pitcher's real name? Mary Ludwig
Who was president of the Second Continental Congress? John Hancock
Who was the Commander in Chief of the American troops during the Revolutionary War? George Washington
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
What are the unalienable/inalienable rights of all Americans? life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
In what year was the Declaration of Independence signed and approved? 1776
At which battle, did the British surrender? Yorktown
At Yorktown, what did the band play as the British soldiers dropped their weapons in a pile? The World Turned Upside Down
At Yorktown, which European nation came to America's assistance? France
How did the French assist the American's at Yorktown? The French fleet blockaded the port so the British were trapped between the ocean and the American army.
What was the first constitution of the United States? Articles of Confederation
What was wrong with the Articles of Confederation? weak central government
What was the farmers' fight against American taxes on whiskey called? Whiskey Rebellion
Who led the American troops against the farmers opposing the whiskey tax? George Washington
Which farmer led a fight against the the new American government taking farm land away from veterans of the American Revolution? Daniel Shay
Where was the Constitutional Convention? Philadelphia
Why did the members of the Constitutional Convention want to keep their meeting secret? They tossed out the Articles of Confederation and were forming a new government.
Who was president of the Constitutional Convention? George Washington
What was the Great Compromise of the Constitutional Convention? The legislative branch has two houses--House of Representatives based on state population and the Senate based on two senators from each state (equal representation).
Why did the Constitution keep the slave trade for twenty years? The South walked out and would not ratify the Constitution until slavery was kept.
What are the three branches of government in the USA? legislative, executive, judicial
Who represents the legislative branch of the US government? Congress (House of Representatives and Senators)
Who represents the executive branch of the US government? President, his/her cabinet, and appointed officials
Who represents the judicial branch of the US government? Supreme Court and lower appellate courts
What check does the president have on Congress? The President can veto legislation.
What checks does Congress have on the President? Congress can override a Presidential veto, approve Presidential appointees, and impeach the President.
What check does the president have on the Judicial Branch? The President appoints justices.
What check does Congress have on the Supreme Court and the Judicial Branch? Congress must approve justices appointed by the President.
What check does the Supreme Court have on Congress and the President? The Supreme Court can declare laws passed by Congress and signed by the President to be unconstitutional.
From which document does the Supreme Court make its decisions on constitutionality? The Constitution
What are the first ten amendments to the Constitution called? The Bill of Rights
What are the freedoms in the First Amendment? assembly, petition, press, religion, and speech
What do most Americans believe is the freedom in the Second Amendment? the right to bear arms (carry a weapon)
Which amendment allows you to invoke it so that you do not have to testify against yourself in court? Fifth Amendment
Which amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment? Eighth Amendment
Which amendments followed the American Civil War and protected the rights of African American men to vote? Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments
Which amendment gave us income tax? Sixteenth Amendment
Which amendment gave women the right to vote? Nineteenth Amendment
Which amendment prohibited the sale of alcohol? Eighteenth Amendment
Which amendment repealed prohibition? Twenty-first Amendment
Which amendment limited the number of years that a president could serve? Twenty-second Amendment
Which amendment extended voting rights for those 18 or older? Twenty-sixth Amendment
From where did America get the concept of a democratic republic? Ancient Greeks had a direct democracy, and the Romans had a republic.
What is a limited government? The government has certain written powers and no others.
What is an unlimited government? The government has no written powers and can do anything the politicians want to do.
Describe the central or federal government's power in the United States. strong
Which branch of the government is more powerful? All three branches are equal in power.
How long do United States Representatives serve? two years
How long do United States Senators serve? six years
How many Representatives are in Congress? 435
How many Senators are in Congress? 100
How many electors are in the Electoral College? 538
How is the Electoral College determined? 435 Representatives + 100 Senators + 3 representatives from the District of Columbia
Who was Commander in Chief of the Continental Army and the first President of the United States? George Washington
Where did the first president reside? Philadelphia and New York City
Who defended the British soldiers of the Boston Massacre, was Vice-President under George Washington, and was the second president of the United States? John Adams
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence, was Washington's Secretary of State, John Adams' Vice-President, and the third president of the United States? Thomas Jefferson
Where did George Washington call home? Mount Vernon, Virginia
Where did Thomas Jefferson call home? Montpelier, Virginia
What did the Federalists (political party) believe? strong, central (federal) government
What did the Anti-Federalists (political party) believe? weak central (federal) government; states had greater power
Which two Missouri cities were "jumping off" points for the Oregon Trail? Independence and St. Joseph
Which stagecoach line left Tipton, Missouri? Butterfield Stage Coach Line
Where was the beginning and end of the Cumberland Road? Cumberland, Maryland to Vandalia, Illinois
What did pioneers heading west use? Conestoga wagons
What was the nickname for Conestoga wagons? Prairie Schooners
What animals pulled the Conestoga wagons west? Oxen and mules
What mountain range did the pioneers on the Oregon Trail have to cross ? Rocky Mountains
How were the pioneers on the Oregon Trail organized? They traveled in companies of 30 to 70 wagons.
Provide three hardship that the pioneers on the Oregon Trail encountered. Heat, tornadoes, dust storms, bandits, hostile Native Americans, cholera
What did the pioneers use for building material in the Great Plains? sod
How did the pioneers get from one part of the country to another? stagecoaches
What were the homes and/or stores along the stagecoach called? stations
Why were stations about 15 miles apart? The horses could travel about 15 miles before needing to rest.
What years were the Pony Express in business? 1860 and 1861
What was the route of the Pony Express? St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California
How many miles did a rider cover in a day riding for the Pony Express? 250 miles
How long did it take the Pony Express to convey a letter from Missouri to California? 8 to 10 days
From which European country did Mexico gain its independence in 1821? Spain
What did the Mexican government offer to citizens of the United States? cheap land in Texas
Who led the American settlers in Texas? Sam Houston
What did Americans who settled in Texas promise the Mexican government? Learn Spanish and become Roman Catholics
Who was the dictator of Mexico at the time of the Mexican-American War? General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
Where did the Texans gather when Santa Anna attempted to put down their rebellion? The Alamo
Who led the Texans at the Battle of the Alamo? Colonel William Travis
Name two famous frontiersmen who were killed at the Alamo. Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie
After killing the Texans at the Alamo, how did Santa Anna dispose of their bodies? Santa Anna burned the bodies of the Texans killed at the Alamo. Their wives and families watched and smelled the bodies of their loved ones burn.
Where was General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna captured? The Battle of San Jacinto in California; the Americans' rallying call was "Remember the Alamo"
What are waterways built to connect large bodies of water called? canals
What are sections of canals with water-tight gates at each end? locks
What two bodies of water did the Erie Canal connect? Great Lakes, Atlantic Ocean
How long was the Erie Canal? 360 miles
Whose dream was the Erie Canal? Governor Dewitt Clinton of New York
Who designed the first steam locomotive? Peter Cooper of New Work
What was the first steam locomotive called? Tom Thumb
What was the nickname for the steam locomotives? Iron Horse
Created by: marybahner
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