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Cumulative assesment

Module 1.00 Cumulative assessments

How many learning styles are there? Three
The style in which a person learns best is called their Learning style
What type of learner benefits from images, color, and the use of highlighters when reading? Visual
What type of learner benefits from listening and might be sensitive to outside noise? Auditory
What type of learner benefits from hands on activities and doing things for themselves? Tactile-Kinesthic
What are the three learning styles? Tactile-Kinesthetic, Auditory, Visual
The distinguishing characteristics of your body are your Physical Traits
The way you think, look, behave, and interact with others. Personality
Your surroundings and the people in your life Enviroment
Traits you inherit from your biological parents or ancestors. Hereditary Traits
The qualities that are important to you are your values
means one of a kind unique
All of the qualities that guide a person deciding right from wrong make up their character
If Tania has green eyes, freckles, and brown hair she inherited those traits from her biological parents
If your teacher gives you an assignment asking you to describe your neighborhood, your friends, and your, what are you describing? your enviroment
Quan is responsible, honest, kind, and hardworking. He is well known for these qualites and respected by everyone who knows him these qualities make up your his character
how i feel about myself self esteem
Sammy is on the baseball team. Every time he strikes out he feels really bad about himself and thinks all his friends are mad at him lowself esteem
when a person has self confidence they are more likely to think i can do this
a group of people related to one another by blood family
all the people who are born and live in the same time span generation
a family type that includes a married couple and their biological children is an nuclear family
marc and jodi are married and live with their 2 biological children madilyn and brandon. they have formed an nuclear family
oscar and his step sister live with their mom this a single parent family
following their divorce, Jose's mom and dad both remarried other people what family type is a step family
mom, dad, son,daughter,brother,grandma family roles
your parents neices and nephews are are your cousins
a family trained to care for children, not related to them, whos family is in an crisis foster family
when a couple or single parent decides to raise another persons child as their own they are an adoptive parent
if sam and latina are married and don't have children they have an childless family childless family
quentins aunt margie and uncle ken invited him over to play with their son kevin how are kevin and quentin related cousins
someone you care about trust and respect is called your friend
people who belong to the same age group peers
the influence peoples peers have on them peer pressure
an example of negative peer pressure all of the above
example of positive peer pressure friends encouraging you to join a school club or team
the use of words to give and receive information verbal communication
verbal communication includes written, spoken, and even digital words. words
verbal communication includes all of the following except facial expressions
sending and receiving messages without the use of words is called an nonverbal communication
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