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American Destiny Chapter 22

What is the national policy that eschews foreign alliances? Isolationism
Who was the Darwinist argued the American democratic system government was destined to spread peacefully over all the land? John Faske
In the late 1880's the theory of expansion was based on what other theory? Theory of Evolution
What was the name of the Spanish refugee camps in which farmers were placed to prevent them from providing assistance to rebels fighting for Cuban independence from Spain? "Reconcentration" Camp
During the Spanish-American war, in this amendment, Congress claimed no intention to annex Cuba and stated its recognition of Cuba's independence from Spain in what amendment? Teller Amendment
Who was the Spanish-American war fought to free? Cuba
What land did the United States gain from Spain at the end of the Spanish-American war? Puerto Rico and Guam
What was the main cause of death during the Spanish-American war? Disease
After much debate what land did Americans set their sights on gaining from the Spanish? The Philippine Islands
This amendment stipulated conditions for the withdrawal of American forces from Cuba and the transfer of the naval base at Guantanamo Bay to the US Platt Amendment
What is the foreign policy declaring that the American continents were no longer open to European colonization and the US would not interfere in the internal affairs of Europe's Nations Monroe Doctrine
What was Roosevelt's plan for the United State to take charge of the Dominican customs service called? Roosevelt Corollary
What was the policy affirming the territorial integrity of China and a policy of free trade known as? Open Door Policy
What was the agreement in which the Japanese promised not to issue passports to laborers seeking to come to America called? "Gentlemen's Agreement"
The Panama Canal connected what two bodies of water? Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea
Policy to promote American economic penetration to underdeveloped nations and strengthen American influence without requiring the presence of U.S. troops Dollar Diplomacy
Americans proceeded to do what they wanted in foreign affairs because of their understanding of... Americas Strength
Which two ideas played a major role in the justifications for imperialism? Darwinism and Racism
American trade with China expanded rapidly due to what treaty? Treaty of Wanghia (1844)
Who is mainly responsible for the capture of Emilio Aguinaldo? Frederick Funston
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