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Imperialism Age

Extending a country's power by diplomacy or military force. Imperialism
The action of adding a territory. Annexation
The policy of granting equal trade opportunities to all countries. Open Door Policy
Canal across the isthmus of Panama, Panama Canal
Known as fake news. Yellow Journalism
What president started the Dollar Diplomacy? President William Taft
What did the Puerto Ricans do after the Spanish-American war in regards to America? Became U.S Citizens
What was the name of the US ship that was sank that helped fuel the Spanish-American War? USS Maine
What war helped fuel imperialistic ideas in America? Spanish-American War
Which presidential candidate ran on an anti- imperialism platform William Jennings Bryan
Why did Americans want to build the Panama Canal so badly? Shorten time from coast to coast.
What was the name of the treaty that ended the Spanish-American war? Treaty of Paris (1998)
Which president used the Big Stick Diplomacy? President Teddy Roosevelt
Which president used the Missionary Diplomacy? President Woodrow Wilson
What did the Big Stick Diplomacy require? Maintain strong military, but not get into conflict
What did the Dollar Diplomacy intend to do? Trade with other countries
What did the Missionary Diplomacy want to do? Aid other countries
What amendment made sure that the US would leave Cuba independent? Teller Amendment
Added to Cuban Constitution that allowed America to intervene with Cuban affairs at any time. Platt Admentment
Theodore Roosevelt led a group called _____ during the Spanish-American War Rough Riders
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