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Chapter 22

1.a policy of remaining apart from the affairs or interests of other groups, especially the political affairs of other countries. isolationism
A soldier began herding the rural population into wreched_____________ camps to deprive rebels of food and recruits. "reconcentration"
amendment to a joint resolution of the United States Congress in reply to President William McKinley's War Message. Teller Amendment
This stipulated seven conditions for the withdrawal of United States troops remaining in Cuba at the end of the Spanish–American War Platt Amendment
was a General in the United States Army, best known for his role in the Spanish–American War and the Philippine–American War. He received the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Philippine–American War. Fredrick Funston
Policy safeguarded United States' access to trade with China Open Door policy
an artificial 48-mile waterway in Panama that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. Panama Canal
an addition to the Monroe Doctrine articulated by President Theodore Roosevelt in his State of the Union address after the Venezuela Crisis. . Roosevelt Corollary
The use of American investments to boost American political interests abroad. Taft's Dollar Diplomacy
an American Protestant clergyman, organizer, editor and author. He was a leader of the Social Gospel movement, calling for social justice and combating social evils. Josiah Strong
Which president chose to annex the Philippines? McKinley
Europeans accept what Doctrine during Venezuela bond dispute Monroe
This treaty gave United States right to interoceanic canal. Hay-Pauncefote
In 1898, the US annexed what island Hawaii
exaggerated news that was used to lure and enrage readers; one reason for the Spanish-American war. Yellow Journalism
A volunteer cavalry under the command of Leonard Wood and Theodore Roosevelt. Rough Riders
Country whose affairs are partially controlled by a stronger power. Protectorate
Cuban poet and journalist in exile in New York, launched a revolution in 1895. Jose Marti
purchase of Alaska "Seward's Folly
Members of a secret Chinese society attempted to get rid of foreign control. Boxer Rebellion
Led a group of Mexican guerillas on raids into the US to force Wilson to intervene Pancho Villa
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