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What is the policy of staying away from other countries interest, especially political interests? isolationism
This act discontinued duties on sugar and gave producers 2 cents per pound as a bounty. McKinley Tariff Act
Who took over the throne of Hawaii after King Kalakaua died? Queen Liliuokalani
The Clayton-Bulwer treaty said that these two countries couldn't have an exclusive control over the canal. Great Britain and America
This was a camp in cuba that was deprived the rebels of food and recruits. Reconcentration camp
Cuban nationalists were insisting on what? full independence
What amendment didn't add Cuban territory to the U.S.? Teller Amendment
The Spanish-American war was fought for what purpose? To free Cuba
Who declared was on the U.S. after the teller amendment was passed? Spain
Cuba allowed Naval Bases on their soil to what country? United States
This amendment stipulated seven conditions in order to withdraw the remaining U.S. troops from cuba Platt amendment
What dictator refused to honor the debts owed to the european nations? Cipriano Castro
The Open door policy did what? Granted equal protection to trading rights to China.
What agreement was passed so that Japan wouldn't issue laborers seeking to come to America? Gentlemen's Agreement
What canal connects the Pacific to the Atlantic? Panama Canal
The United States agreed to pay this country to build the canal? Columbia
What diplomacy had the two objectives of avoiding violence and developing the economy of Latin America? Dollar Diplomacy
The United States bought Alaska from what country? Russia
When did the first ship pass through the Panama canal? 1914
The Supreme Court became known as this and granted congress to act toward the colonies as much as it pleased. "Insular Cases"
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