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reformer A person who makes a change to something to improve it.
The Liberator An abolitionist newspaper founded by William Lloyd Garrison.
Harriet Tubman Former slave, who later became a conductor for the Underground Railroad.
Second Great Awakening Religious movement that occurred during the early 1800's and led to some of the reform movements of the time.
Frederick Douglass Former slave, who became one of the most influential reformers of the time period.
suffrage Right to vote
Declaration of Sentiments Document, outlining the rights American women should be entitled to as citizens.
temperance movement Reform movement against the sale or drinking of alcohol.
Underground Railroad Secret network of people who helped runaway slaves to freedom in the North and Canada.
slave codes Laws that placed harsh restrictions on slave freedoms.
cotton gin invention, created by Eli Whitney, that allowed for the quick and easy removal of seeds from the cotton plant.
Three-Fifths Compromise 3 out of every 5 slaves would be counted towards a colonies population.
Seneca Falls Convention Convention where women created a detailed list of the rights that they believed they deserved.
American Colonization Society A group who believed that the slaves should emigrate back to Africa, created the African colony Liberia.
Dorothea Dix A reformer who lobbied for the creation of the first mental asylums in America.
Who thought slavery had to be ended immediately, not gradually, without compensation to masters and with freed slaves remaining in the United States? Abolitionists
Who thought that the right way to end slavery was gradually, either voluntarily by masters or with some compensation, and by sending freed African Americans to the ACS’s colony in Africa, Liberia? Colonizationists
What do we call an abolitionist who resorts to extreme measures of violence to end slavery? Radical Abolitionist*
Who is the person who oversees slaves, urges them to work, and distributes punishment for those that do not follow orders? slave driver*
Written by Harriet Beecher Stowe, depicted the life of a slave. Uncle Tom's Cabin*
What is the name of the anti-slavery society that William Lloyd Garrison helped found? New England Anti-Slavery Society*
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