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Chapter 9

Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and ________________________ are considered to be the Great Lakes States. Wisconsin
Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and ___________________________. South Dakota
Building styles is known as ___________________. architecture
A large boat with a flat bottom is known as a _____________. barge
A center of activity is known as a ___________. hub
_________________ are transported goods. freight
The shift of people from rural areas to cities urbanization
African Americans created "Motown sound" in what city? Detroit
___________________ owns a company in Chicago that makes popular T.V. programs, movies and magazines. Oprah Winfrey
The ________________ ____________ central location makes it an ideal place for connecting different parts of the United States and Canada for transportation. Great Lakes
In the late 1800's, most immigrants came from Ireland, Poland, Italy, and ______________. Greece
More recently, immigrants have come to the Great Lakes from Latin America, mostly __________________. Mexico
The __________________ _________________ in 1910 had many African Americans migrating from the South to cities in the North to look for work. Great Migration
Mount Rushmore is located in which state? South Dakota
____________ ________________ is the name of the Lakota Sioux leader who now has a memorial. crazy horse
The ____________ _________________ looks like flat plains, farmland, forested mountains, and rockformations. Plains region
Willa Cather and __________________________ are some artists that have been inspired by the plains. Thomas Hart Benton
A _______________________ company prepares cattle from ranches for the market. meatpacking
Some changes in farming today are farmers use modern farm machines to help grow and harvest quickly. They use_______________. Can grow more crops. New technology means that farms and ranches need fewer workers. computers
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