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7th Middle East

7th Grade Middle East vocabulary terms

culture the learned behavior of people
civilization a culture that has highly advanced economic, social, and political systems
Nomadic a group that moves from place to place in search of food
Sedentary settled, not moving
Arabian Peninsula an area of land off Southwest Asia between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf
Mesopotamia the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers
Fertile Crescent a region stretching from the Persian Gulf northwest up to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and west over to the Mediterranean Sea
Geothermal energy power produced by the internal heat of the Earth
Renewable energy sources sources of energy able to be replaced through ongoing natural processes
Desalination removal of salt and other minerals from salt water to convert into fresh water
OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, founded in 1960
Technology peoples application of knowledge, tools, and inventions to meet their needs
Embargo a complete prohibition (or prevention) of trade by the government of one nation to another
Religion a specific set of fundamental (basic) beliefs and practices that a group of people use to answer questions about life
Bias an opinion
Zionism national movement of Jewish people to their homeland of Israel
Terrorism violent attacks that cause fear
Declaration announcement made by a country
Accord a pact or deal between two nations; similar to a treaty
Partition division of a nation
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