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Unit 3 Test

Who led the expedition into the Louisiana Territory? Lewis & Clark
Who did we buy the Louisiana Territory from? France
How much was the Louisiana Territory bought for? 15 million
What did Eli Whitney invent? Cotton Gin
How did it change America? increased slavery and increased the need for cotton production
Why were rivers so important during the Industrial Revolution? important trade routes
What invention changed river travel in the USA? Steamboat
Andrew Jackson 7th President
Corrupt Bargain the deal between Henry Clay And John Quincy Adams that ensured John Quincy Adams the Presidency
Indian Removal Act The US government paid Native Americans to move to the Indian Territory in Oklahoma
What Supreme Court case involved the Cherokee Nation Worcester v. Georgia
Trail of Tears forced removal of Native Americans by military force to Oklahoma
Nullification Crisis issue over the Tariff passed by Congress
Monroe Doctrine foreign policy doctrine that told Europe to stay out of the Americas
Muslinging to ruin an opponents reputation with insults
Bureaucracy system in which non elected officials carry out the law
Spoils System practice of replacing government employees with the winning candidate's supporters
Force Bill allowed the President to use the military to enforce acts of Congress
Created by: kguilmino225