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Adams Jefferson War

What were the 4 changes during Jefferson's presidency? Election 1800, western expansion, changes in federal power (less government but more power for the courts), changes in foreign policy.
After the election of 1800, who controlled the 3 branches? Dem-Rep controlled the president and congress Federalists controlled the courts
Who was the Supreme Court Chief Justice who ruled in Marbury v. Madison? John Marshall
What was established in Marbury v. Madison? Judicial Review
Who sold America the Louisiana Territory? France (Napoleon)
Who did we fight with in our first war during Jefferson's presidency? Barbary Pirates
How did Jefferson react to the impressment of sailors? Embargo Act of 1807
Describe the route of Lewis and Clark on their way west. Up the Missouri, across the continental divide through Idaho on horseback, down the Columbia to the Pacific.
What instructions were given to Lewis and Clark? Find the Northwest passage, make friends with Native Americans, Map territory, collect scientific samples
Who was the Second President of the United States? John Adams
The XYZ affair worsened relationships with what country? France
What were the Alien and Sedition acts? Laws passed by Federalists limiting rights of immigrants and making it illegal to criticize the government
Who wrote the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions? James Madison and Thomas Jefferson
What was happening in phase 1 of the War of 1812? Britain was at war with Napoleon
What was the Hartford Convention? When Federalist businessmen met in Hartford Conn. and threatened to secede if the US didn't make peace with Britain
What happened at the Battle of Thames Tecumseh was killed
During which battle was the Star Spangled Banner written? Battle of Fort McHenry (Baltimore)
What were warhawks Congressmen from the South and West who encouraged war with the British in 1812
What were the results of the war of 1812? Treaty of Ghent, no land won or lost, New heroes, Nationalism, Industrial revolution to America
What happened at the Battle of New Orleans? Americans won decisive victory but after war was over.
Define Impressment kidnapping sailors, done by British 1803-1812
Define Judicial Review the power of the courts to declare acts or laws unconstitutional
What did the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions say? states could nullify federal law if they thought it was unconstitutional
What was happening in phase 2 of the War of 1812? Britain had defeated Napoleon and could focus on fighting the US
Who were the heroes that emerge from the War of 1812? Oliver Hazard Perry, William Henry Harrison, Andrew Jackson
Who were the main warhawks? Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun, William Henry Harrison, Andrew Jackson
Created by: Kelly.richmond