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Japan Quiz

OCMS History

Samurai Noble warriors of Japan who were absolutely loyal and very good with swords, spears, and bows
Shogun Military ruler of all of Japan, second only to the emperor in power
Bushido Code of the Samurai: bravery and honor above all things, even one's own life
Province A smaller territory of land with its own ruler, these would be loyal to shogun
Monk A religious man who devotes his life to studying sacred writings and living a pure life.
Artisan A craftsman skilled in wood, metal, stone, or other material. One who makes beautiful and useful things.
Ainu A different culture of people living in northern Japan. They are light skinned and have long beards,
Kimono A silk robe worn by Japanese people
Noh A type of theater in Japan where actors wear masks
Yen Japanese money, Koku was the old unit of payment
Who was the first ruler of Japan? Amaterasu, goddess of the sun
How was the island of Japan created according to legend? A god and a goddess walked across a rainbow and in the middle of it, the god dipped his jeweled spear in the water. He swirled it in the water and lifted it up. Drops of water fell from the tip of the spear and they turn into land when they hit the ocean
Who created the island of Japan according to legend? A god
Who was thought to be the great-great grandson of Amaterasu? Jimmu
Jimmu founder of Japan's imperial family and a descendant of the gods
Three treasures Jimmu brings with him as proof of being a descendant of the gods a mirror that belonged to the sun goddess, a special sword, and a jewel that had been taken from the steps of heaven
What do the 3 treasures represent? mirror: the emperor's relationship to the gods , sword : emperor's strength, jewel -:great wisdom the emperor posses
When did Jimmu gain control of Japan? 660 BC
Who were the Ainu? People who lived in northern Japan and were tall, white skinned, and hairy barbarians
When did Emperor Hirohito die? 1989
In 1192, Yorimoto was named______________. the first shogun
Of the three famous treasures, which was lost at the bottom of the sea in 1185? The Sword
Yoshitune and Yorimoto were part of which family? The Minamoto Family
Yoshitune and Yorimoto led their family to victory over what family? The Taira Family
True or False: The shogun Yoritomo was very fond of his brother and they ruled Japan together. False
What does the word Samurai translate to? "One who serves"
What was the Samurai's favorite weapon to fight with? A sword
True or False: According to old myths, all emperors of Japan were related to the gods. True
Who was the first emperor of Japan? Jimmu
Which religion began in India and took root in Japan around AD 552? Buddhism
This religion was already in Japan when Buddhism arrived Shinto
Which language did the Japanese like to write in? Chinese
Shotoku The prince who enlightened Japan in the 6th and 7th centuries
What did the Japanese emperors concern themselves with? Gentler matters of practicing their Buddhist religion, writing poetry, and appreciating items of peace and beauty
What were Samurai families often rewarded with? rights to control and tax the peasant farmers and landowners tremendous wealth and power
What weapons did family members train with daily? knives, bows, spears, and the sword
Mongolia a landlocked unitary sovereign state in East Asia
Tribe viewed developmentally or historically, as a social group existing before the development of states
Steppes grassland
Gobi large desert region in Asia
Genghis Kahn the founder and Great Kahn of the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous empire in history after his death
Kublai Kahn founded the Yuan Dynasty in China
Karakorum capital of the Mongol Empire between 123 and 1260 and of the Northern Yuan in the 14 – 15th centuries
Who were the Mongols? Nomadic horse people that travel over grasslands that raised horses and tended sheep
What did the Mongols camp in? Yurts: felt tents
What did Mongol Warriors eat and drink while riding to battle? They ate yogurt and cheese that were fermented in sheep bladders and they drank their horses' blood
Chiefs were elected based on their ___________________. nobility, military ability, wisdom, and leadership skills
What was Ghengis Khan's birth name? Temujin
When was Ghengis Kahn born? 1167
How did Ghengis Kahn's dad die? He was poisoned
What was Ghengis Kahn's biggest accomplishment and what did he swear to do? By age forty he unified all Mongol tribes and he swore to conquer all the lands between the seas
Who was Kublai Kahn? Grandson of Genghis Khan and he conquered the Song dynasty
How many times did the Mongols try to invade Japan? 2 times, once in 1274 and once in 1281
Kamikaze Divine wind
How were the Mongols stopped from defeating the Japanese? a typhoon
How old were the men that served in the cavalry? All males 15-70 served in army all as cavalry
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