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Their are 27 Amendments. These cards are some information about them

Amendment 1 Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, and Petition
Amendment 2 Right to Keep/bear Arms (Right to keep/have weapons.
Amendment 3 Lodging Troops in Private Homes (You do not have to let soldiers stay in your house during time of piece)
Amendment 4 Search, Seizures, Proper Warrants
Amendment 5 Criminal Proceedings; Due Process; Eminent Domain; Double Jeopardy; Protection from Self incrimination
Amendment 6 Criminal Proceedings; Must inform defendant of charge/s; Right to Attorney; Right to fair impartial jury
Amendment 7 Jury Trials in Civil Cases
Amendment 8 Bail; Cruel, Unusual Punishment not allowed
Amendment 9 Unenumerated Rights( rights, retained by the people, that are not specifically enumerated in the Constitution)
Amendment 10 Powers Reserved to the States
Amendment 11 the states are shielded from suits brought by citizens of other states or foreign countries.
Amendment 12 Election of President and VIce President
Amendment 13 Slavery and Involuntary Servitude Prohibited
Amendment 15 Right to Vote--- Race, Color, Servitude
Amendment 16 Income Tax(tax levied by a government directly on income)
Amendment 19 Equal Suffrage---Sex; Right of Women to Vote
Amendment 20 Commencement of Terms; Sessions of Congress; Death or Disqualification of President-Elect
Amendment 22 Presidental Tenure; No President may serve more than 2 elected terms
Amendment 24 Right to Vote in Federal Elections----Tax Payment; Outlawed the payment of a tax as a condition for taking part in elections
Amendment 25 Presidential Succession; Vice Presidential Vacancy; Presidential Inability
Amendment 26 Right to Vote----Age; Must be 18 years or older
Amendment 27 (Final Amendment) Congressional Pay; Congress's power to fix the salaries of its members
Participate in democracy vote,run for office, give you opinions on issues, support and oppose issues and policies, write newspapers
What determines how many representatives you have? The population of your state.
How do you add or change the Constitution? With an Amendment.
What responsibilities do US citizens have? Serve on a jury and vote in elections
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