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type of wood used to make skis birch
supports for the roof rafters
fasten, secure or unite objects binders
desire to learn or know something curiosity
throw, pushed or dropped heavily or suddenly plunked
flat treeless plain, frozen tundra
a fur-bearing weasel-like animal mink
overly aware or concerned with your appearance self conscious
interested, devoted or obsessed with hooked
sudden quick movements jerking
tricked conned
original land and buildings where the family makes their home homestead
caused confusion or shame embarrassed
removing stumps to clear land buck
strong alcohol bourbon
stuck up, arrogant, conceited cocky
grave, sober or serious solemn
a style of music from Spain flamenco
outlet between the engine and the exhaust manifold
windproof, water-repellent coat parka
bad feelings or resentment grudge
storehouse for grain granary
tobacco snoose
person with practical knowledge, common sense savvy
woman who has lost her husband widow
game animals that provided food woods-meat
stove having a large, rounded shape potbelly
to haul or pull; vomit heaved
where you load the bullet on a gun chamber
a tool to work the soil plow
type of clay pottery crockery
sound word for hitting something thump
natural aging of steel produces different coloring blueing
animal feces blueing
a premium or reward bounty
someone who works with wood carpenter
a generous amount bountiful
sprouts, herbs alfalfa
body or remains of an animal carcasses
a very coarse file rasp
male horse that has been fixed gelding
device that controls the air in a stove damper
to break down into atoms ionized
person who moves to the woods because they can't be around people woodsy
crafty, sly, skillful cunning
shack or shed supported on one side by trees lean to
to pull off or out from pluck
a sparkling wine, often expensive champagne
temporary loss of sight due to glare of sunlight on snow snowblind
a lightweight racket-shaped frame attached to the feet for walking in snow without sinking snowshoe
Created by: Asher Abshier