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Texas Settlers/S.F.A

Vocabulary game

Anglo a white person of European descent
colony a country or area under the control of another country: a group of people living there
commissionner an agent or person representing an organization
constitution a written statement outlawing the basic laws for a state of country
disarm to take someone's weapon
economic depression a period in which a economy is affected by unemployment , low input, and proverty
empresario a person given a land grant my Mexican government to make a settlement and recruit people to live there
entrepreneurs people who start their own businesses
executive the branch of government responsible for carrying out the laws
expelled to be permanently kicked out
fraternity a social club for men
immigration the act of moving to a new country
innovative doing new thing or things in new ways
judicial the branch of government responsible
labor a plot of land measuring 117 acres, issued for planting crops
league a plot of land measuring 4.428 acres, issued grazing live stock
legislative the branch of goverment responsible for making laws
massacre a killing of many people
militias groups of citizen soldiers
opponent people who are against other people
pneumonia a serious lung infection that makes it hard to breathe
postmaster a person in charge of the post office
profit to make money in business
rebellion open resistance to one's government
repeal to officially undo law
republic a political system in which people elect representatives to make laws for them
revolution an act of overthrowing and replacing one government with another
rituals acts or actions performed for a ceremony
Tejano a Mexican-born Texan
Texians people living in Mexican Texas between 1821 and 1836
brutality cruel and ruthless behavior
buffer a protective barrier from something harmful
colony a country or area under the control of another country: a group of people living there
commerce the buying or selling of goods and services
conquistador a Spanish conqueror of the Americas in the sixteenth century
convert to adopt new religious beliefs
hostile very unfriendly
immigration the act of moving to a new country
labor a plot of land measuring 177 acres, issued for planting crops
league a plot of land measuring 4.428 acres, issued for grazing live stock
loyalists supporters of the ruling power during a conflict
mestizos people of mixed American Indian and European descent living in Mexico
mission a religious and military outpost by the Spanish during colonization
missionaries people who share their religious faith with others, usually in other countrys
nomadic having no fixed home: moving with seasons in search or food
parishioners people within the field of activity of a Catholic church
pastures land used for animal grazing
presido a Spanish fort staffed by soldiers
provinces districts or regions of a territory
raid to attack suddenly: to steal or destroy property
ranchers people who raise livestock, such as cattle or horses
rebel a soldier who opposes the government in power
rebllion open resistance to one's government
recruting selecting or getting the services of someone
settle to establish a place to live
spuatters people who settle on land without rights or titles
trade relations relationships based on the buying and selling of goods
Western Hemnishere the part of the world that includes the continents of North and South America
Created by: ZacharyBuice
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