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civil war zomback


Lincoln's position of slavery To oppose slavery and any expansion of it.
Lincoln's strategy for the civil war wanted to control the Mississippi. He had a Naval blockade.
Antietam first battle on northern soil and Union won. McClellan failed to take out the southern army.
Sherman's March to the Sea Military campaign to frighten Georgia's civilians into banning the confederate cause
Andrew Johnson's Plan of Reconstruction union should be united and the south should not be punished
Congressional Reconstruction congress didn't like Johnson's plan and they vetoed all of his laws and demolished his plan
Lincoln's Plan of Reconstruction build a strong unified country and wanted slavery to end
Jim Crow Laws Laws that separated the races
Black Codes limited the movement and restricted the rights for slaves
Force Act three bills passed by US congress to protect African Americans and have equal protection
W.E.B. De Boise Civil rights leader and activist that campaigned for African Americans
Plecy vs, Ferguson court case that said separate IS equal
Emancipation Proclamation declared that all slaves were free
Created by: beth weir