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Chapter 5

When is Kansas Day? January 29th
Secede To withdraw from an organization
Guerilla A member of an irregular military unit operating in small bands in occupied territory to harass and undermine the enemy, as by surprise raids.
What was the Frontier Guard? 100 Kansans armed and ready to defend the White House
Kansas had the highest _______ _________ of any state in the Union during the Civil War. Death Rate
What was the first black company to fight in the Civil War and the first to engage in battle? The 1st Colored Infantry
During the Civil War, the attack on Lawrence that killed 140 men and boys was called what? Quantrill's Raid
In this battle near Kansas City, the North was outnumbered almost 3:1 but still won. The Battle Of Mine Creek
What was “Order No. 11”? A governmental order issued to evict the immediate evacuation of four western Missouri cities.
What is the state motto of Kansas? Ad Astra Per Aspera
What is the state animal of Kansas? Bison
What is the state bird of Kansas? Western Meadowlark
What is the state song of Kansas? Home On The Range
Did most Kansans support the North or South? North
What was the purpose of frontier forts? to keep the peace between Americans heading west and american Indians who called the west home
Who was Ten Bears? Comanche chief that gave a speech at medicine lodge against Americans taking Indians land
What were the Medicine Lodge Peace Treaties? Americans wanted to move native Americans off their lands and onto reservations. Native Americans want to keep their lands and be left alone. The treaty was signed, but broken, which resulted in violence
What was the Sand Creek Massacre? The military's commander took seven hundred men and slaughtered one hundred fifty native Americans. White Antelope was killed, but Black Kettle survived, despite being shot in the back nine times
What did Indian Chiefs Black Kettle and White Antelope go to Washington do? To make peace between Americans and the Native Americans.
Who were Buffalo Soldiers? African Americans who were given the job of evicting squatters on native american lands
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