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lms history

mrs t's 6.1 -6.3 Andrew Jackson

This party got its strongest support from the South and the West, wanted more power for the ordinary white man democratic party
This party got its strongest support from the Northeast, wanted the Federal government to promote business with roads and canals Whig party
Giving supporters government jobs refers to spoils system
Who was the champion of the common man, also called Old Hickory Andrew Jackson
Who supported tariffs, and government spending for canals and roads for businesses John Quincy Adams
This was the forced journey of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia to present day Oklahoma The Trail of Tears
The Supreme Court case that ruled that Georgia had no right to enforce its laws within Cherokee territory was Worchester vs Georgia
The eighth president of the USA, after he was elected the United States went into a financial panic Martin Van Buren
This was passed by North Carolina that declared the tariff of 1832 illegal. the Nullification Act
An often private political meeting is a Caucus
Passed in 1830, allowed the government to give land in present day Oklahoma to Native Americans in exchange for their lands in the east Indian Removal Act
A defining characteristic of the Jackson Era was Westward Expansion
The election of 1824, with the "corrupt bargain", marked the beginning of what? The Second Party System
Andrew Jackson's political party was known as the Democratic party
Andrew Jackson had been depicted as "King Andrew the First" because of his Desire to establish a strong executive branch
Why was Andrew Jackson not popular among aristocratic easterners Because he was considered to be vulgar and common
What was "patronage" as related to Andrew Jackson in the Jacksonian Era giving government jobs to those who supported the governing party
During the Jacksonian Era suffrage was extended to almost all white males
The Nullification Act of 1832 declared that Individual states did NOT have to obey federal laws
When Jackson decided to remove elected officials from the opposing party and replace them with his supporters, Jackson introduced the Spoils System
The Tariff of 1828 was not beneficial to the plantations in the South, and southern leaders began calling the bill the Tariff of Abominations
Although President Jackson attempted to reduce taxes through the Tariff of 1832, protest by leaders in South Carolina led to the Nullification Crisis
The Cherokees resisted the Indian Removal Act by sending a delegation to Washington, DC.
The Trail of Tears moved the Native Americans where West of the Mississippi to present day Oklahoma and parts of Kansas
In 1832, why did John C. Calhoun threaten President Andrew Jackson with the possibility of South Carolina's secession from the United States Because Jackson signed the high protective tariffs into law
The Indian Removal Act of 1830 authorized President Jackson to Negotiate treaties to relocate Native American tribes to west of the Mississippi
Why did the government of Georgia remove the Cherokee people from the state the need for land on which cotton could be grown
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