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13 Colonies Vocab

13 colonies key terms

Charter A special paper from the king that gave permission to start a colony.
Dissent A disagreement.
Expel Forced to leave.
Consent A Agreement.
Sedition Speaking in ways that cause others to work against the government
Frontier Land beyond the area that are already settled.
William Penn Founder of PA and DE colonies
Peter Stuyvestant Last Dutch leader of New Netherland
Justice Fairness
Trial by jury Group of citizens decides if a person is guilty or innocent
Proprietor Owner
Refuge Safe place
Debtor People who have been put in prison for owing money
Constitution A written plan of government
James Oglethorpe Sent debtors to settle the colony of Georgia
Calvert Family Founders of the Maryland Colony
Justly Fairly
Piedmont Land between the Coastal Plain and the Appalachian Mountains
Backcountry Name settlers gave the Piedmont land
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