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Unit 8

Progressives and Imperialism

Progressive movement time of reform incorporating positive government involvement
Teddy Roosevelt hero of the Spanish American War and Republican President 1901-1909
William McKinley President who was assassinated in September 1901
What caused the Spanish American War war hawks, imperialism desires, sympathy for the Cubans, yellow journalism, & explosion of the Maine
What was the spark that started the Spanish American War Explosion of the battleship Maine
General Weyler Brutal Spanish general known as "The Butcher"
Who blew up the Maine? The Spanish! No, although they were blamed, it was an internal explosion
volunteer cavalry unit led by T. Roosevelt Rough Riders
Admiral who became a hero due to destruction of the Spanish fleet in the Philippines Dewey
territory US acquired as a result of the Spanish American War Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines
yellow journalism news reporting that is sensationalized and exaggerated to sell papers
muckraker those who exposed the corruption, poverty, crime, and waste of American life
The Jungle Book by Upton Sinclair designed to increase sympathy for the immigrant workers in Chicago's meat packing plant
Bull Moose Teddy Roosevelt's political party when he ran for President in 1912 against Taft and Wilson
recall removing officials before their term in office expires
initiative citizens propose legislation directly
referendum right of citizens to accept or reject measures passed by state legislatures
direct primary choice of political candidates in the hands of the people
17th amendment addition to the US Constitution allowing for the direct election of US Senators
Pure Food and Drug Act law enacted in 1906 thanks to the book The Jungle
Carrie Chapman Catt President of the National American Woman's Suffrage Association
Alice Paul led the picket at the White House, was jailed, and went on a hunger strike to bring attention to the need for women's suffrage
Susan B. Anthony amendment 19th amendment to the US Constitution in 1920 allowing women the right to vote
Why did so many people die when Titanic sank? not enough life boats, life boats not filled to capacity, freezing water temps, help was too far away
New laws created as a result of the Titanic disaster life boat space for all, life boat drills, international ice patrol created, ships must maintain 24 hour radio watch
Jacob Riis photojournalist and progressive whose book, How the Other Half Lives, helped create the Tenement Inspection Act
William Howard Taft President of the US, was very unhappy, however, after his term in office, he became a very successful Supreme Court Justice
Platt Amendment allowed the US to intervene in Cuban affairs and establish a permanent naval base on the island
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