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JC, JR, and MLK, Jr.


This person was born in Plains, Georgia. Jimmy Carter
He was once the governor of Georgia. Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter was once the __________________________ of the United States. president
Who was a world peace leader by helping countries to solve their problems? Jimmy Carter
This person returned to his family peanut farm after being in the U.S. Navy. Jimmy Carter
While president he helped get better jobs for women and African Americans. Jimmy Carter
Who was born in Cairo, Georgia? Jackie Robinson
The first African American to play Major League Baseball. Jackie Robinson
He showed good sportsmanship, courage, and honor. Jackie Robinson
This person was a famous baseball player even though some did not think he should play. Jackie Robinson
Who was inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame and won the Rookie of the Year award? Jackie Robinson
He believed change should happen through peaceful ways. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Who won a Nobel Peace Prize for teaching people to fight with their words and not their fists? Martin Luther King, Jr.
This person was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Martin Luther King, Jr.
This person was a civil rights leader. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Well known for the speech, "I have a dream..." Martin Luther King, Jr.
Was a leader who fought for equal rights for all Americans with peaceful demonstrations around the country. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Did not believe that violence and fighting was the way to solve problems. Martin Luther King, Jr.
This person was born in Savannah, Georgia. Juliette Gordon Low
Who was the founder of the Girl Scouts? Juliette Gordon Low
Who was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in 1979? Juliette Gordon Low
This person was well known for camps, schools, and scholarships for girls. Juliette Gordon Low
She started the first Girl Scouts with 18 troop members. Juliette Gordon Low
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