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Photo 1 History

Study flash cards for History Quiz

What was the exposure time for the first photograph? 8 hours
Who made the first photograph? Joseph Nicephore Niepce
What does camera obscura actually translate to? dark chamber
What is a tin type? Image on tin plate, type of collodian process, inexpensive method.
What technologic advancements improved exposure times? better lenses
Who made the first breakthrough in light sensitive material? Dr. Johan Schulze
What was roll film eventually put on? plastic
What was the original use for the camera obscura? drawing things
How long did it take photography to reach it's present state? several hundred years
What year was light sensitive material discovered? 1725
Who is one true inventor of photography? No one person
Which inventor, with the help of a long partnership, discovered practical photography? Louis DaGuerre
What does latent mean? later
In what year was the collodian process invented? 1851
Who invented the callotype process? William Fox Talbot
The first true fixer was put forth by: Sir John Herschal
Which photographer died poor but gave us a rich documentation of the Civil War? Matthew Brady
Who was responsible for pushing photography as an art and started the first Photo/Art gallery? Alfred Stieglitz
Who conceived of the idea to use the camera obscura to take pictures? Thomas Wedgewood
Who created the "wet" collodion process? Frederick Scott Archer
Who produced the first "dry" plate collodion process? Richard L. Maddox
Who described the camera obscura in his book Practical Magic? Della Porta
Who made paper negatives on treated light sensitive paper? William Fox Talbot
Who made the first break through in light sensitive material? Dr. Johan Schulze
Who made the first photo called heliography? Joseph Nicephore Niepce
Who is credited for the first practical type of photography? Louis DaGuerre
Who was the creator of KODAK? George Eastman
What was Kodak Company slogan? You press the button, we do the rest!
Describe the Camera Obscura process: #Light tight box or chamber, lens or pin hole for light to pass through, image is smaller and inverted
Created by: MsDeJong
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