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India Cards

Mohenjo Daro One of the largest cities in Ancient India
Indus Valley A valley coming down from the Himalayas, where early Indian Civilization thrived.
River A body of water flowing through land.
DeForestation Getting rid of the forest.
Trade Giving one thing in exchange for another.
Fortress A military stronghold.
Inscription A wrighting
Assimilate Become similar to people in one’s environment.
Subcontinent A large piece of a continent, distinctly separate from the rest.
Monsoon A strong storm or wind in Southern Asia.
Farming Growing and harvesting food.
Peninsula A large mass of land going into the water and surrounded on three sides.
Buddhism Religion founded by Siddhartha Gautama.
Arabian Sea Northwestern part of the Indian Ocean.
Aryan People who immigrated into Northern India, bringing with them Hinduism.
Sanskrit An ancient language of Hinduism.
Vedas The most ancient Hindu Scriptures.
Hinduism A major religious and tradition of South Asia, brought in by the Aryans.
Reincarnation The rebirth of a soul in a new body.
Caste The classes of the Hindu society.
Untouchable Not able to be touched; an outcast in Indian society.
Rajah An Indian King or Prince.
Assassination A murder for a political reason.
Missionary A person sent on a religious mission.
Arabic Numeral- Numbers in Arabic. Replaced many places that used Roman Numerals.
Created by: 23BLewis
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