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Grade 5

Independence - Before the Revolutionary War

Patriots People who wanted the colonies to break away from Britain control.
Loyalists People who wanted the colonies to remain under British control.
Neutralists Colonists who did not support either side in the fight for independance.
traitors Person guilty of acting against his or her own country
Samuel Adams One of the leading Patriots in Massachusetts. In 1775 organized the Sons of Liberty.
Sons of Liberty Patriots that actively encouraged colonists to disobey British laws
Thomas Jefferson main author of Declaration of Independence
Second Continental Congress The meeting of delegates from the colonies that began in Philadelphia in 1775.
Common Sense A book by Thomas Paine that argued simply that the colonies should break away from Great Britain.
Declaration of Independence The document that announced that the colonies were breaking away from Great Britain.
George Washington head of the Continental Army
militia a small army made up of ordinary citizens
resolution a statement for Congress to vote on
July 4, 1776 Congress voted to approve the Declaration of Independence
impel to drive or urge forward, incite
self-evident evident in itself without proof or demonstration
endowed to provide with a permanent fund or source of income
unalienable not transferable to another
instituted to set up; establish; organize
consent to permit, approve, or agree
abolish to do away with
deriving to receive or obtain from a source or origin
usurpations wrongful or illegal encroachment, infringement, or seizure
tyranny arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power
candid frank, outspoken
solemnly serious or earnest
declare to make known or state clearly
absolved to free from guilt or blame
allegiance the loyalty of a citizen to his or her government
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