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School for artists who were individualists and supported political and social reform Ashcan School
Term of honor originating from Theodore Roosevelt Muckraker
Brand of progressivism reform created by Woodrow Wilson New Freedom
Effort to regulate and control big bussiness Progressivism
Responsible for direct primary system Robert M. La Follete
Woman suffrage Women's right to vote
AWSA's focus? Focused on voting
NWSA's focus? Focused on many other things including voting
AWSA and NWSA combined to form? NAWSA
United Mine Workers fought to get what Roosevelt called a? Square Deal
Made ICC a more powerful and active party Hepburn Act
Comprehensive program of social legislation New Nationalism
First significant reduction of duties Underwood Tariff
Divided the nation into 12 banking districts Federal Reserve Act
Made certain business practices illegal Clayton Antitrust Act
Dedicated to the eradication of racial discrimination NAACP
Movement started in Niagara Falls by William E. B. Du Bois Niagara movement
Affirmed the right of Oregon to limit hours worked by women in laudries Muller V, Oregon
Upheld antitrust ruling against railroad corporations Northern Securities Case
Invoked the Fourteenth Amendment to allow bakers to work as long as they wished Lochner v. New York
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