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American History #1

Grades 5 to 8

Which Portuguese royalty established a "school" for navigators? Prince Henry
Which country sailed south from Europe and made their way along the west coast of Africa? Portuguese
Which Portuguese sailed around the Cape of Good Hope and on to India? Vasco da Gama
Which Spaniard named the Pacific Ocean and all lands that it touched for Spain? Balboa
Which Portuguese sailor sailed for Spain and eventually established the cultural exchange of the New World with the Old World? Christopher Columbus
Which Spaniard was the first European to see the Mississippi River and explore FL, GA, AL, MS, and AR? Hernando de Soto
Which Spaniard searched for the legendary Fountain of Youth? Ponce de Leon
Which Spaniard's crew was credited with circumnavigating the globe? Ferdinand Magellan
Which Spaniard conquered the Aztecs? Hernando Cortes
Who was the Aztec leader? Montezuma
Which French explorer searched for a "Northwest Passage" and explored the eastern coast of North America from NC to ME? Giovanni da Verrazano
Which French explorer searched for a "Northwest Passage" and claimed Canada for the French? Jacques Cartier
Which French explorer searched for a "Northwest Passage" and explored the St. Lawrence River and established the first permanent French settlement in the New World? Samuel de Champlain
Which English explorer searched for a "Northwest Passage," explored Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, and established a hold in Canada for the English? John Cabot
Which English explorer was appointed by Queen Elizabeth I to plunder Spanish treasure ships? Sir Francis Drake
Where was the Lost Colony located? Roanoke, NC
Who was the governor of Roanoke? Sir Walter Raleigh
What word was left to indicate where the English people of Roanoke went? Croatoan
What is the oldest European settlement on North America? St. Augustine, FL
What was the first permanent English settlement in Virginia? Jamestown
Who told the men of Jamestown that they had to work in order to eat? John Smith
What Indian maiden allegedly saved John Smith's life? Pocahontas
Who did Pocahontas marry? John Rolfe
For whom was the state of Virginia named? Queen Elizabeth (aka The Virgin Queen)
Which American colony was a haven for Roman Catholics? Maryland
Which American colony was established by William Penn? Pennsylvania
What religious denomination was William Penn? Quaker
For what was Pennsylvania established? Religious tolerance
In what year did the Pilgrims settle in Massachusetts? 1620
On what ship did the Pilgrims cross the Atlantic Ocean? Mayflower
What was the name of the ship that started with the Mayflower, but had to return to England? Speedwell
What were the names of the three ships at Jamestown? Susan Constant, Godspeed, Discovery
Which Native American taught the Pilgrims how to plant corn? Squanto
What Native American tribe got along well with the Pilgrims? Wampanoag
What was the name of the war between the Pilgrims and Native Americans? King Philip's War
What was New York first called? New Netherland
Which European nation settled what later became New York? Dutch
Who is credited as the founder of New Netherland? Peter Minuet
For whom is New York named? Duke of York (English)
Who is credited as the founder of Connecticut? Thomas Hooker
Who was the leader of the Massachusetts Bay Colony? John Winthrop
What was the religion of the Massachusetts Bay Colony? Puritans
Who were the two people kicked out of the Massachusetts Bay Colony as dissenters? Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams
What colony was founded by Roger Williams? Rhode Island
List the four New England colonies. New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts
List the four Middle colonies. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware
List the five Southern colonies. Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia
Which colony was established by James Oglethorpe as a refuge for England's prisoners and other "less desirable" people? Georgia
Which colony had thin, rocky soil? New England
Which colonies had the deep, rich soil and flat land of the Atlantic Coastal Plain? South
What occurred because of differences in land ownership between the colonists and Native Americans? French and Indian War
What movie tells of the French and Indian War? The Last of the Mohicans
What was the name of the English rule that colonists couldn't settle west of the Appalachian Mountains? Proclamation of 1763
What English tax targeted printed documents, such as sermons and contracts? Stamp Act
Which English act required the citizens of Boston to house the king's soldiers? Quartering Act
What were the names of the groups who opposed English rule? Sons of Liberty and Daughters of Liberty
Which American colonist said, "Give me liberty or give me death?" Patrick Henry
Which English act said that Parliament could enact any law it wanted and the colonists would be forced by obey it? Declaratory Act
What goods did the Townshend Acts tax? paper, tea, glass
How did the colonists respond to the Townshend Acts? The colonists drank raspberry and blackberry tea.
Who was a founder of the Sons of Liberty and a rabble-rouser for the colonists? Samuel Adams
Who was Sam Adams's cousin? John Adams
How many Americans were killed in the Boston Massacre? 5
Who was the African American who was killed in the Boston Massacre? Crispus Attucks
Why did John Adams defend the Redcoats in the Boston Massacre trial? He wanted the world to see that America was fair to all.
Who made an engraving of the Boston Massacre that was one of America's first uses of propaganda? Paul Revere
Why did the Boston Tea Party occur? The British Parliament allowed the British East India Tea Company to have a monopoly on tea in the American colonies.
What group was responsible for dumping the tea overboard at the Boston Tea Party? Sons of Liberty
What was the British Parliament's response to the Boston Tea Party? The Coercive Acts (aka Intolerable Acts) that shut down the port of Boston as well as other punishments.
Who was the king of England at the time of the American Revolution? King George III
What were trees called where colonists gathered to hear important messages? Liberty Trees
How many colonies were there in 1776? thirteen
When did the French and Indian War begin? 1754
How long did the French and Indian War last? ten years
What was the peace treaty that ended the French and Indian War? Treaty of Paris (1763)
What firearm did the colonists use? black powdered muskets
When the likeness of a person is hanged, we say that that person is hanged in __________. effigy
How did the colonists rebel against the acts passed by Parliament? boycotted British goods
What was a punishment enacted by the Sons of Liberty against colonists who didn't abide by the boycott? The Patriots tarred and feathered them.
Which group of colonists wanted to revolt against England? Patriots (Sons & Daughters of Liberty)
If the colonists boycotted British goods, what did they do about the items they could no longer purchase? The Patriots substituted goods, such as raspberry tea.
What was a common name for the British soldiers? Lobsterbacks
Who did the Sons of Liberty pretend to be at the Boston Tea Party? Mohawk Indians
American soldiers were called __________ because they could be ready at a moment's notice. minutemen
What was the colonial legislative body that convened to oppose and possibly resolve the British tax issues? Continental Congress
Because the colonists didn't have e-mail or Facebook, they used ________________ to convey the news from Boston. Committees of Correspondence
Who is credited with sewing the first American flag? Betsy Ross
Which colonists said, "I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country?" Nathan Hale
What was Nathan Hale's fate for spying? He was hanged.
Which Revolutionary American commander committed treason? Benedict Arnold
The phrase "one if by land, two if by sea" refers to the signal given in the tower of the Old North Church to signal the British troops manner of movement to Lexington, MA where the British thought the colonists had weapons stored.
Which two members of the Continental Congress did the British soldiers wish to arrest? Sam Adams and John Hancock
Which three men sounded the alarm that the British were on their way for a show down? Paul Revere. Sam Prescott, William Dawes
Why is the first shot of the American Revolution known as "the shot heard 'round the world?" It symbolized the first steps toward a democratic republican government that has been replicated around the world in many other countries.
How many minutemen were killed at Lexington? Eight and ten wounded
From whom had the colonists learned to fight from behind trees and stone walls? Native Americans used ambush instead of lining up facing the enemy.
Why were there so many stone walls for the colonists to hide behind? New England had thin, rocky soil. (Geography influences everything.)
What occurred at the Battle of Bunker Hill? The Americans lost the battle because they ran out of ammunition.
How many British soldiers were killed or wounded at the Battle of Bunker Hill? almost 1/2 of their force
What famous phrase was stated by Colonel William Prescott at the Battle of Bunker Hill? Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes.
Created by: marybahner
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