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History Test- Owen H

The war of 1812 was a result of all of the following except The desire for new Englanders for war with Britain
The hartford convention met in December 1814 because New Englanders... Thought that British blockade hurt their trade
The most important effect of the Hartford convention was that it... Damaged the Federalist party
Aside from stopping the fighting, the Treaty of Ghent Established... Nothing important
The case of Marbury v. Madison established... The Supreme Court's right to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional
When Jefferson became president, he… Cut the federal budget
French control of Louisiana cause Jefferson to fear that france would… Build an empire in North America
As a result of the Louisiana purchase, the United States… Gained land west of the Mississippi River
Lewis and Clark were sent to Explore and map Louisiana
The United States went to war with to Tripoli because Tripoli… Demanded a bribe for protection of the United States ships
Which of the following events are currently linked with an effect. (Examples Given on test) Embargo act and impressment of American sailors
Which of the following permitted the United States to trade with all nations except British and France Nonintercourse act
Tecumseh earned the respect of both Native Americans and white settlers for his Ability to unite Native American groups
The Warhawks wanted all the following except To Side with native Americans against the British
The practice of seizing American sailors and forcing them to serve on British ships was called Impressment
By placing a ______ on trade Embargo
The power of ______ is one of the most important powers of the supreme court Judicial review
Because he believed in the good sense of ordinary people, Jefferson wanted to make the government more _____ Democratic
The ______ separates rivers that flow east from those that flow west Continental divide
Let a slave rebellion in Haiti Toussaint L'Ouverture
American sea captain who defeated the British near Newfoundland Isaac hall
Help to guide Lewis and Clark to the Rocky Mountains Sacajawea
What's the most outspoken Warhawk Henry Clay
Was a powerful supreme court justice John Marshall
President Jefferson did all of the following except Close the bank of the United States
A federal program that President Jefferson kept was the Bank of United States
The right of the Supreme Court to declare laws unconstitutional is called Judicial review
President Jefferson had to make a decision about how much power the president had when he Purchased the Louisiana territory
Napoleon was willing to sell Louisiana to the United States Mainly because he Needed money to fight his wars in Europe
Louis and Clark we're help on their expedition by Sacajawea
And their, expedition Lewis and Clark all the following native American people except the Iroquois
As president, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson all had the foreign-policy goal of Avoiding war
The embargo act was unpopular in United States because it Hurt American farmers and merchants
The battle of Tippecanoe marked The beginning of a war between Native Americans and white settlers
Is it not from Canadian store houses that these supplies have been issued which nourish and sustain Indian hostile's? In this quotation, and Henry Clay states a reason for Invading Canada
Created by: ohayes45
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