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PA Things to Know

Events, Documents, etc. about Pennsylvania History

Pennsylvania Consitution written by William Penn; took power away from the governor and gave more power to the Assembly, made up of elected representatives; one of the most vital documents in US history because of its early democratic ideals Charter of Priviledges, 1701
Author--Thomas Jefferson; Written to the King of England stating the reasons why the 13 colonies no longer wanted to be a part of the British Empire; officially began the American Revolution. By signing the document--guilty of treason Declaration of Independence, 1776
Meeting during the summer of 1787 to draft a new constitution to replace the Articles of Confederaiton; held at Independence Hall in Philly; Franklin was the oldest delegate; PA 2nd state to ratify Constitutional Convention, 1787
Native American tribe which lived in eastern Pennsylvania; throughout the colonial period they were repeatedly forced westward as white took more and more land Lenne Lenape/Delaware Indians
William Penn's son showed the Lenne Lenape Indians a forged document between their dead chief and William Penn; resulting in tricking the Indians into giving up massive amounts of land in eastern PA Walking Purchase, 1737
religious group of William Penn; no ministers; the "inner light" in everyone; did not believe in war; one of the first groups to speak out against slavery; Quakers
war between French and British over the control of the continent; Indians fought on both sides; British won and the French were kicked out of North America (with the exception of a few small areas). French and Indian War, 1754-1763
Battle of Pontiac's Rebellion, where the outnumbered British were able to defeat the Indians; virtually marking the end of the rebellion. Battle Bushy Run
Ottawa War Chief tried to capture forts and remove the British from the Ohio Valley after the French and Indian War Pontiac's Rebellion
meeting where it was decided to go to war with the British; nominated George Washington to led the Continental Army. Second Continental Congress
Washington's troops crossed the river on Christmas night and launched a surprise attack on the Hessian troops at Trenton, NJ; major victory for the colonists. Crossing the Delaware
"Mad" Anthony Wayne's men were ambushed by the British, who were told to use their bayonets so they wouldn't make a lot of noise during their night attack. Paoli Massacre
Western Pennsylvanians refused to cooperate with the Whiskey tax; resulted in tar-and-feathering of tax collectors; President Washington leads a force to stop the rebellion, but they already had dispersed; showed the power of the federal gov't to tax Whiskey Rebellion, 1794
Eastern Pennsylvanians upset about a new tax based on the number of windows on one's house; resulted in women throwing hot water onto tax collectors; the leader, John Fries was eventually captured. Fries Rebellion, 1789
first federally funded road National Road
invented by Pennsylvania Germans in Lancaster Conestoga Wagon
when man-made waterways were connected to existing rivers, enabling the faster transportation of goods to the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico. Replaced by trains. Canal Era
Man power is replaced by Machine power. Pennylvania leads the way with its vast resources of coal and lumber, as well as oil, iron, and natural gas. Pittsburgh becomes the steel capital of the world. Industrial Revolution
Route for escaped slaves--many of which went through Pennsylvania Underground Railroad
Licoln's famous speech, "four score and seven years ago,"; commitment towards ensuring that America does "not perish from this earth." Gettysburg Address
Confederate charge on the Union center line at the battle of Gettysburg; suffered major loses. Pickett's Charge
Steel workers on strike were replaced by new workers; tensions erupted in violence between the Pinkerton security crew and the strikers. Homestead Strike
1930s America. 37% of Pennsylvanians were out of work. Great Depression
Franklin Delano Roosevelt's plan to strengthen the economy and get out of the depression New Deal
one of FDR's many alphabet agencies; young men worked in camps creating our state forests and parks. Civilian Conservation Corps
Potential nuclear disaster outside of Harrisburg, PA; resulted in the US never building another nuclear plant since 1979. Three Mile Island
Boarding school to "assimilate" the Indian into white society; famous alumni is Jim Thorpe. Carlisle Indian School
1889 flood that killed over 2,200 people when the South Fork Dam broke; one of the worst natural disasters in American history Johnstown Flood
hurricane which resulted in tremendous rainfall and flooding along the Susquehanna; the flooding in the town of Forty-Fort resulted in the unearthing of 2,500 caskets in the cemetary. Hurricane Agnes
War of 1812; naval battle between the US and the British; Commorodre Oliver Hazard Perry defeated the British; famouse quote from Perry, "We have met the enemy, and he is ours." Battle of Lake Erie
Canal Era; system of canals and inclined planes which enabled passage over the Appalachian Mountains; went from Hollidaysburg to Johnstown Allegheny Portage Railroad
party which emerged in the 1850s to end the spread of slavery in the West; nominated Abraham Lincoln to run for the Presidency Republican Party
instituted Prohibition, which outlawed the sale of liquor; in effect throughout the 1920s until 1933 18th Amendment
gave women that right to vote 19th Amendment
repealed the 18th Amendment, ending Prohibition 21st Amendment
period after the Civil War to rebuild the South Reconstruction
riots in Philadelphia in protest of the increased Irish immigrant population Anti-Irish Riot of 1844
person who donates a lot of their wealth to charity philanthropist
investigative journalist during the Progressive Era muckracker
400 mine workers protested against working conditions; confronted the sheriff along with his 150 men; resulted in the death of 19 miners Lattimer Massacre
first school in the nation set-up to assimilate the Native American population; "kill the Indian, save the man"; model for many other Indian school which emerged throuhout the US Carlisle Indian School
1876 fair that showcased American industrial innovation; over 35 countries contributed Philadelphia Centennial Exposition
abuses against children in the workplace; resulted with the passage of child labor laws. Child Labor
Pennsylvania led the war effort in production of steel, coal, and helmets as well as aluminium cans; more men fought and died from PA than any other state of the Union World War I
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