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Progressive Age

Progressive Era Terms

A cluster of movements for various forms of social change. Progressivism
The 26th President Theodore Roosevelt
Term for progressive investive journalists Muckracker
Used objects and people in city streets as painting backdrops in order to support their progressive beliefs. Ashcan School
A militant labor organization, founded in 1905 and inspired by European anarchists. Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
Photographed the tenements Jacob Riis
Political Boss from New York. Extremely corrupt and stole over 1 millions dollars. Boss Tweed
Focused on improving the United States Progressives
Worked to improve American education John Dewey
Amendment to constitution that allowed Income Tax 16th Amendment
Amendment to constitution the allowed a direct election of Senators 17th Amendment
Amendment to constitution that prohibited alcohol. 18th Amendment
Set up to conserve wildlife and beauty of United States National Parks
President Roosevelt's political platform Square Deal
What was set up to promote free trade? Federal Trade Commission
Woman's Suffrage 19th Amendment
Important part of democracy. Belief of Progressives is that the good of the people is key. Public Interest
A test given to prevent African Americans from voting. Literacy Test
A form of political participation that reflects a conscious decision to break a law believed to be immoral and to suffer the consequences. Civil Disobedience
Programs used to help struggling citizens maintain basic living standards. Social Welfare Programs
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