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S. & E. Asia History

S. & E. Asia History Asia Review

What is "Nationalism?" Loyalty, pride, and devotion toward one's country
What was involved in Mohandas Gandhi's plan of civil disobedience? People should refuse to obey a law they felt unfair, but do it without violence.
India was controlled by which European country for over 300 years? Great Britain
In which year did India gain its independence? 1947
What European power was the colonial ruler of Vietnam in the 1800s and early 1900s? France
Who created a guerilla army to fight for Vietnam's independence? Ho Chi Minh
What was the goal of the Vietminh League? Independence for Vietnam
The U.S. helped rebuild the economy of which country after World War II? Japan
What was the condition of Japan after WWII? Its infrastructure was destroyed.
Which U.S. General was given the job of rebuilding Japan after WWII? Douglas MacArthur
What was the role of the Japanese emperor in the new government after WWII? Mostly Ceremonial
The US intervened in Korea and Vietnam to stop the spread of: Communism
Which country has a communist North and a democratic South today? Korea
Who established the People's Republic of China in 1949? Mao Zedong
Which program was designed to make farming more productive in China? Great Leap Forward
What was the period of time called when Mao Zedong tried to eliminate anyone that criticized the government? Cultural Revolution
What was the purpose of Mao's Cultural Revolution? Unite the people of China
Who primarily made up Mao's Red Guard? High School students
The Red Guard did all of the following EXCEPT: To Encourage freedom of religion
Student protestors were attacked by Chinese government troops and many were killed or arrested here in 1989: Tiananmen Square
He - Vietnam Ho chi minh
He - China Mao Zedong
Created by: fosterjodi
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