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Chapter 11 review

Chapter 11 test review answers; this excludes #'s 20 and 23

Who were members of Congress who believed the only answer to Britain's constant interference was war? War Hawks; Henry Clay, John C.Calhoun
Judicial Review: What court case established it, what is it, and what effect did it have in the Judicial Branch? He was concerned that France would try and control trade through New Orleans and prevent westward expansion
Explain the negative effect that the Hartford Convention had on the Federalist Party? Federalists were humiliated and lost a lot of power, seen as traitors, bye-bye Federalists
Explain why France and Britain began capturing American merchant ships heading to Europe? Because they were in a war and the U.S. was trading with both countries
How did Republicans taking control of Congress help Thomas Jefferson when he became president? Any law he wanted passed Congress supported, support for his plans
What battle of the War of 1812 became the most famous, even though it occurred after the war was already over? Battle of New Orleans
When was the Star Spangled Banner written? September 1814, Bombing of Ft. McHenry, Francis Scott Key wrote it
What motive did the British have for destroying the U.S. capital? The U.S. burned their Canadian capital, York (present day Toronto)
Explain the advantage of taking control of Lake Erie? It kept the British from being able to land troops in the Northern U.S.
What prevented the Americans from both sending and receiving supplies and help during the War of 1812? the British blockaded the U.S. coast
What was the purpose of the United States using privateers? To capture British supply ships, It was cheaper than building a new navy
How was the issue of whether or not to declare war on Britain settled, and what was the final decision? Congress voted to declare war
Explain New Englanders proposed to handle the problems with Britain? renew friendly business ties with the British
What battle caused many American Indian tribes to pull out of Tecumseh's Indian confederation, and caused Tecumseh to lose a lot of support? Battle of Tippecanoe
Where would one most likely find a War Hawk? In the south or west; democratic-republicans
List the changes made by Jefferson at the beginning of his term? Cut military spending, cut domestic taxes, paying the national debt
What did Britain do in order to stop the rapid westward growth of the United States and to protect its interests in Canada? Supplied Indians with weapons to fight settlers moving west
What did Congress do once they realized their Embargo Act had backfired and was actually hurting American merchants? Repealed it and passed the Non- Intercourse Act, that said no trading with France or Britain
Define impressment? Kidnapping civilians and forcing them into the military, main cause of war
What was the goal of the Corps of Discovery? To find the NW passage, to map the rivers and terrain, document plants and animals, establish peaceful relations with the natives
Explain the outcome of the Lewis and Clark expedition? Learned about new plants and animals, talked to Indian tribes, created new maps of the terrain and a route across the Rocky Mts. Proved there was no NW passage
Who acted as an interpreter and guide for the Lewis and Clark expedition? Touissant Charboneau and his wife Sacagawea
What two men led an expedition to learn more about the people and land of the west, and to find a river route to the Pacific Ocean? Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
Explain why Napoleon was willing to sell the Louisiana Territory to the United States? He needed cash now, wanted to make US stronger to challenge Britain later, didn't want fight US and GB, lost Haiti to Touissant Louventure
What finally brought the War of 1812 to an end, but failed to address impressment and trade embargoes? The Treaty of Ghent
List the reasons why President Jefferson was concerned about France's ownership of Louisiana? He was concerned that France would try and control trade through New Orleans and prevent westward expansion
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