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Hessians Mercenaries, who were hired soldiers to fight for the British
Margaret Corbin A woman who went with her husband when he joined the continental Army, and took his place died and Margaret was the first woman soldier
Green Mountain Boys group of frames lead by ethan allen, similar to militiaman, who took capture of fort Ticonderoga
Peter Salem African American who served as a patriot soldier and fought at concord.
Patriots American colonists who favored American independence
Battle of Trenton George Washington Nathanael Greene. And Patriot soldiers take over the British camp at Trenton on Christmas night 1776
Tories A. K. A. Loyalists
Nathan Hale a teacher from connecticut,Who volunteered to spy on British troops (one of the Patriots first known spies
In 1777 William Howe captured what city causing the Congress to flee? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
By the end of the war, African Americans were enlisted in every state except…? South Carolina
What was the Hessians’ main goal for winning the war? earning of salary (money)
Valley Forge place where George Washington and his men Camp throughout the winter
Marquis de Lafayette a leader at Valley Forge, who was a French Noble
The French announced support for the US after which American victory? Battle of Saratoga Saratoga Springs, NY
John Paul Jones daring naval officer, who raided British ports
Where did George Rogers Clark force Henry Hamilton to surrender? Vincennes
In 1780 where did the Patriots suffer their worst defeat of the war? Port Of Charlestown, South Carolina
Strategy Plan of action
Yorktown location of the Battle of Yorktown( area where one major battle take place)
Treaty of Paris the preliminary treaty signed by both American and British representative, claiming that Great Britain the word recognized the United States as an independent nation. This treaty, officially stated that the Americans had a one there freedom
Who did represent the Americans at the peace talks in Paris? Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and John jay
What did George Washington do after the war? After leading the Patriots to victory over Britain in the American Revolution war, George Washington officially resigned from his command, returning home to Mount Vernon, Virginia. Washington planned to remain and live in peace with his family.
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