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Progressivism Reform movement to address social problems of industrialization.
Muckrakers Journalists that "raked up" or exposed the filth of society.
Seventeenth Amendment Gave voters power to directly elect U.S senators. 1913
Initiative Allows voters to put proposed law on the ballot for public approval.
Referendum Allows citizens to place a recently passed law on the ballot, allowing voters to approve or reject the measures.
Recall Enables citizens to remove an elected official from office by calling for a special election.
Prohibition movement Called for ban on making, selling, and distributing alcoholic beverages.
Eighteenth Amendment Prohibited the manufacturing, selling, and distributing of alcoholic beverages.
Bully Pulpit Powerful platform to publicize important issues & seek support for his policies.
Square deal Roosevelt's 1904 campaign slogan & framework for his entire presidency
Elkins Act Prohibited railroads from accepting rebates. 1903
Hepburn Act Strengthened the ICC giving it the power to set maximum railroad rates. 1906
New Freedom Called for tariff reductions, banking reform, and stronger antitrust legislation.
Nineteenth Amendment Gave women the full right to vote. 1920
Sixteenth Amendment Granted congress the power to levy taxes based on an individual's income.
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