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US History 1 Final

Patton History Final

When the F & I war ended, England had a great deal of Debt and revenue
A world power should do what according to mercantilism According to mercantilism should regulate colonies to enrich mother country
Religious dissent was least tolerated in which colony Massachusetts Bay
If people are committed to ___ no military will ever be able to conquer them Liberty
The Intolerable acts of 1774 were passed by parliament because of what? Boston Tea Party
The middle passage refers to one aspect of what trade Slave Trade
Violation of right to assemble and the press are in the First Amendment
Founded Pennsylvania William Penn
A government organization with most of the power resting in the state and local governments Confederation
For a bill to become a law it needs approval of both houses but cannot become a law without the signature of the President
Group of investors outfit colonial expeditions in the early 1600’s Joint Stock Company
The two houses of congress were result of _____ between large and small states over the issue of _____ Compromise, representation
Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson helped establish the principle of Freedom of Religion
Jamestown founded primarily for the purpose of: Making money for the London Company
Most important reason colonists opposed most of the laws passed by Parliament before the American Revolution They were not represented (taxation without representation)
The conflicting claims over this river valley helped cause the french and indian war between France and England Ohio River valley
The Great Compromise during the Constitutional Convention settled the struggle between large and small states over: Representation in Congress
What occurred between South Carolina seceding and Gettysburg Emancipation Proclamation
What divides power between states and national governments? Federalism
The colonists received aid and a formal alliance France because of the battle Battle of Saratoga
The _____ _____ fed and educated freed slaves Freedman’s Bureau
The counting of slaves ⅗ Compromise
Congress can only pass those laws allowed by the specific powers granted to congress by the constitution Strict interpretation or constructionist
The minimum number of representatives in Congress for each state is ___ with ___ in the Senate and ____ in the House 3,2,1
The supreme court declaring a law unconstitutional is one form of ______ check in the system of checks and balances Judicial Branch
The powers congress used to create National Bank Implied powers
A federal court has the power to declare an act of the legislative and executive branch if a lawsuit is brought to attention Judicial Review
The need for revenue to maintain the expanding empire was a serious problem facing England after what war French + Indian
Before 1763 acts like the Navigation Act, Molasses Act and other regulatory laws did not greatly affect the colonies because England practiced what policy up to this time Salutary Neglect
The system of checks and balances were established to do what Evenly distribute power
What 200 year period of time did English colonization take place 1600 - 1800
The Civil War general who constantly practice extreme caution McClellan
Now a weakness of the Articles of confederation No power to draft citizens to fight in a war
Reserved powers are reserved for whom The states
Awarding jobs to supporters, vetoing the national bank, and ignoring the supreme court are examples of ____ ____ acting like a king Andrew Jackson
To begin a practice that is followed thereafter is to set a Precedent
The US tried to buy _____, instead they purchased the Louisiana Purchase New Orleans
Which war ended in a stalemate with no territory changing hands War of 1812
A protective tariff main purpose is to Protect American industry
The system where a winning candidate can appoint supporters to government jobs is called patronage, under president Jackson it was called Spoils system
By law, colonies must produce the goods for the mother country that they did not have was called what Mercantilism
The result of ⅗ compromise ⅗ of slaves were counted for both representation and taxation (every 5 slaves was counted as 3)
What is a judicial check of the legislative branch Declaring laws unconstitutional
The group that pushed for the war against Great Britain in 1812 was War hawks
What acquisition doubled the size of the United States The Louisiana Purchase
Free blacks had to leave Missouri within 2 years - was or was not - a provision of the Missouri Compromise WAS NOT
Causes of the War of 1812 EXCEPT: English encouraging Slave revolts in southern states
In the early colonies there was tension between societies over culture and land and those societies were the ______ and the ______ American Indians and European Settlers
Four Score and 7 years ago (87 years ago) in the Gettysburg Address refers to what? Declaration
The woman who was concerned with mental illness was Dorothea Dix
What invention greatly increased need for slaves Cotton Gin
Manifest Destiny the ‘obvious or undeniable fate’ refers to _____ to the Pacific Coast Territorial expansion
The overall goal of the KKK was to Intimidate freed slaves
Define a border state Slave state that stayed in the union (a buffer between the North and the South)
The commander of the continental army George Washington
The years where Manifest Destiny occurred 1840-1855
Which was the first state that seceded from the Union South Carolina
The Emancipation Proclamation: Did not immediately free slaves
Social reform movements and free public education and demand for factory workers were result of Industrialization and Immigration
Congress could not ban slavery anywhere including the territories was a direct result of what decision Dred Scott (Scott vs Sanford) decision
When people get to vote to decide for themselves it is called: Popular sovereignty
What caused the seven states to secede Lincoln was elected
The extension of slavery into the territories was a result of Republican Party
The Compromise of 1850 proposed 5 laws, which was most opposed by abolitionists 5 - the Fugitive Slave law
The legislative act which demonstrated the problems associated with popular sovereignty and violence broke out Kansas Nebraska act
The South’s feeling of isolation from the rest of the nation and the belief that Lincoln was an abolitionist was what led to the: Secession
What was Lincoln’s primary purpose in continuing the war as stated in the Gettysburg Address Restore the Union
What ended slavery in the United States of America The 13th amendment
Which amendment defined citizenship? The 14th Amendment
After the civil war black codes were implemented why Continue whites supremacy over the black
Major battle July 1863 Gettysburg
Which battle was a narrow victory for the North and encouraged Lincoln to issue emancipation proclamation Battle of Antietam (First battle fought in the North)
After the civil war the Radical republicans regarded the South as conquered provinces and wanted Punishment for the war
The era that introduced power driven machinery was the Industrial Revolution
Who are citizens of the United States according to the Constitution? Anyone born in the US or who is naturalized
Where was most of the civil war fought? South
The reelection of Lincoln was insured by this action by Union general William Sherman's march to the Sea
The turning point of the Civil War was the Battle of: Gettysburg
Who was the Manifest Destiny President? James K. Polk
The division of powers between national and state governments: Federal system of Government
______ of _____ spreads authority over the three branches of ________ Separation of Power; Government
The battle considered the beginning of the Civil War was ____ ____ Fort Sumter
Was an independent country before it became a state? Texas
The Confederates surrendered at _________ Appomattox courthouse
The area gained by the Mexican Cession The Southwest
Extra Information Examples
Americans care about other people and will fight for their rights American Revolution Civil War Opposition to the Indian Removal Act Abolitionists
America is a religious nation Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams (Rhode Island for religious freedom) Great Awakenings Massachusetts Bay for Puritans God is in the Declaration Maryland a safe haven for Catholics
America is dependent on the strengths of the people that came to its shores Irish immigrants Chinese immigrants Industrializes
How has America been Imperialistic? Manifest Destiny Mexican - American War, Mexican Cession Louisiana Purchase
Created by: BasicBri00
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