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Aztec society Q&A

Aztec Society Giselle Tellez Q&A

Where did the Aztecs build their great empire during the 1400s? The Aztecs built a great empire centered in the Valley of Mexico during the 1400s.
What were the Aztec lives mostly related to? Most of the Aztec lives were related to farming.
What were the two main classes that were divided by the Aztecs? The Aztecs were divided into two main classes which were nobles and commoners.
Where did Extended families live? Extended families lived in adjoining houses around a central courtyard.
What did the lowest level of society do? At the lowest level of society were slaves who worked for noble families.
What did most Aztec children do? Aztec children attended school for a few years.Boys received intensive military training.Girls learned the arts of homemaking.
What did most commoners life revolve? For most commoners,life revolved around farming or household duties.
Were all commoners farmers? Not all commoners were farmers.Some worked as artisans or were long distance traders.
What did all Aztec men do? All Aztec men were trained as warriors.
How were kings selected? Kings were selected by a council of nobles,or were passed from father to sun,or it passed to brothers or other blood relatives.
Who helped the king run the government? A group of five royal advisors helped the king run the government.
What were citizens divided into? Citizens were divided into small districts called calpulli.
How did the Aztecs maintain control over the empire? The Aztecs maintained control over the empire through the threat of military force.
What were some tribute goods? Tribute goods ranged from clothing and military supplies to jewelry,food,and building materials.
Who ruled with the blessing of the gods? Monarchs ruled with the blessing of the gods and gave government support to religious institutions.
Who did the Aztecs worship? The Aztecs worshiped hundreds of gods.
Who was the most important Aztec god? The most important Aztec god was Huitzilopochtli.
How many victims did Aztecs sacrifice? Aztecs sacrificed thousands of victims every year.
Who were the most victims? Most victims were prisoners captured in war.
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