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Gradually machines took the place of many hand tools; much of the power once provided by people and horses began to be replaces, first by flowing water and then by steam engines. Industrial Revolution
Brings workers and machinery together together in one place. Factory System
People who invest capital, or money, in a business to earn a profit. Capitalists
The rapid manufacturing of large numbers of identical products. Mass Production
Identical pieces that can be assembled quickly by unskilled workers. Interchangeable Parts
The growing of cities due to movement of people from rural areas (farms) to cities. Urbanization
A device that used electrical signals to send messages quickly over long distances. Telegraph
Widespread starvation. Famine
People who wanted to preserve the country for white American born Protestants. Nativists
The denial of equal rights or equal treatment based on race, religion, culture or nationality. Discrimination
Machine that used a spiked cylinder to remove seeds from cotton fibers. Cotton Gin
Laws that controlled every aspect of slaves' lives. Slave Codes
A total ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol. Prohibition
Reformers who wanted to abolish slavery. Abolitionists
The right to vote. Suffrage
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