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History 10: Ch. 15

Quiz study guide

Byzantine Empire The name given to the Eastern Roman Empire after the fall of the Roman Empire.
Ottoman Turks Name of the group of people who took over the Byzantine Empire in the 13th century C.E. (THESE PEOPLE WERE MUSLIMS)
Sultanate A state or country governed by a sultan.
Sultan Name for the head of the ottoman system of government (Pg. 486)
Pashas Central government appointed officials.
Grand Vizier A chief minister who carried the main burdens of the state, led the meetings of the council.
Janissaries An elite guard which is developed by the Ottoman Empire in order to build a strong military.
Orthodoxy Conform to traditional religious beliefs.
Anarchy Lawlessness and disorder. (pg. 494)
Why might the Safavids have found trade with Europe difficult? It is hemmed in by the sea power of the Europeans to the south and the land power of the ottomans to the west.
What role did currency play in Safavid trade? Used by merchants to pay for goods in large trade deals.
How might buyers have reached to shopping for an item in a, "Timce?" They put the same kind of goods together so that merchants can compare prices.
"Timce" is like a courtyard
If you're reading this card, it means that you're studying... So good job!
What do you get if the class gets a good grade on the test? DONUTS!!!!!
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