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* Cook Final Review

In what century did Christopher Columbus land in the New World? 15th Century
About how many years passed between Columbus's voyage and Cook's discovery of Australia? not quite 300
When did Cortes defeat the Aztecs? about 1520
What happened before Cortes defeated the Aztecs? Columbus discovered America
What type of economy would most likely NOT be found in Europe today? traditional
What was the Columbian Exchange? The moving of animals, plants, people, and diseases from the Old World to the New World and from the New World to the Old World.
What environmental disaster occurred in 1986 in Chernobyl, Ukraine? a nuclear reactor explosion
What was one result of colonization of Canada by Europeans? Canada's official languages are English and French.
What was one result of colonization of Canada by Europeans? Canada's official languages are English and French.
One difference between the German and Russian languages is that German does not use the Cyrillic alphabet
Because most economies have characteristics of the command and market economy, we say they are _______ mixed
Why did Prince Henry the Navigator want to send ships south to Africa? He wanted to find a route around Africa to the Asian markets
Who claimed Australia for Great Britain? Captain James Cook
What is one effect of slavery that influences Latin America today? Many Latin Americans have ancestors form Africa.
Which two European countries contributed most to the languages of Latin America? Spain and Portugal
Russia is located in __________ Asia and Europe
What has helped Italian merchants become successful traders? It is located on the Mediterranean Sea with access to Africa, Asia, and Europe.
A country that invests in human capital will have a more successful economy because workers who are educated, skilled, and healthy are more productive.
Which condition makes it easy for Canada to trade with the United States? The countries share a border of over 3,000 miles long.
What body of water is beyond the Great Barrier Reef, off the northeast coast of Australia ? The Coral Sea
The main purpose of NAFTA was to ______ increase trade by creating a large free-trade zone
Which situation might keep an embargo against a country from being successful? The country is able to find other trading partners not in the embargo
Which country has the least freedom to do business? Cuba
What was one cause of the Russian Revolution? There were food shortages in Russia.
What would be helpful in improving a country's standard of living? increasing the literacy rate
What country is the large island located south of Florida? Cuba
What country is the largest in South America? Brazil
What geographic land feature is located in Argentina, East of the Andes Mountains in Chile? The Atacama Desert
What body of water lies between the United States and Mexico? The Gulf of Mexico
How is the government trying to reduce pollution in Mexico City? increasing the number of cars that produce little or no air pollution
What almost caused a nuclear attack between the United States and the Soviet Union? Castro allowed the Soviet Union to build a nuclear missile launch complex in Cuba.
What did the Zapatistas do to show they were against NAFTA? They took over towns in southern Mexico to show that they were against NAFTA.
Which two European countries contributed most to the languages of Canada? England and France
What is the goal of the independence movement of Quebec? Quebec to be an independent country
How is political power distributed in Brazil? Federal government
How is the president in a presidential democracy different from a prime minister in a parliamentary democracy? The Prime minister is chosen from the members of parliament, but the president runs for office separately.
Canada has to work with the United States to solve the problem of acid rain because the United States is the source of much of Canada's air population
Which condition makes it easy for Canada to trade with United States? The countries share a border over 3,000 miles long.
Why are Spanish and Portuguese the main languages of Latin America? People from Spain and Portugal colonized Latin America.
Who has the most political power in the Australian government? The Prime minister
What is an advantage of a savings account over a checking account? Savings accounts pay a higher rate of interest.
What is the best way to increase a country's standard of living? Increasing the literacy rate will improve the country's standard of living.
Which country has an economic system closets to a pure market economy? Canada
Which country's businesses have the most government control? Cuba
How does Brazil's physical location help trade? There are seven major seaports along Brazil's Atlantic coast.
Created by: kcook
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