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PA Places

Important places in Pennsylvania History

Built by Washington's men after the first shots of the French and Indian War were fired. Fort Necessity
Replaced the burnt down Fort Duquesne; place were disease infected blankets were used during Pontiac's Rebellion Fort Pitt
Washington was sent to this fort to ask the French to leave the Ohio River Valley; the French refused. Fort LeBeouf
Capital of Pennsylvania Harrisburg
Constitutional Convention was held here; place where the Declaration of Independence was first read; Liberty Bell; capital of the US until the early 1800s. Philadelphia
River the forms the eastern border of Pennsylvania Delaware River
River that flows through Harrisburg Susquehanna River
River that flows north to Pittsburgh Monangahela River
River that flows south into Pittsburgh Allegheny River
flows west from Pittsburgh to the Mississippi Ohio River
the Allegheny Portage Railroad connects these TWO cities Hollidaysburg & Johnstown
largest battle of the Revolution fought in PA Brandywine
"these are the times that try's mens souls"; Washington's troops spent the winter at this encampment Valley Forge
Proclamation of 1763 prohibited settlement past this geographic feature Appalachian Mountains
firs oil drilled in the US was at this PA city Titusville
first building to be lit by electricity Sunbury
largest battle of the Civil War; marked a turning point in favor of the North Gettysburg
City burnt to the ground by the Confederates Chambersburg
Place of the Horseshoe Curve, which enable trains to conquer the Allegheny Mountains Altoona
lake port city Erie
Lumber capital of the world Williamsport
Indian School for assimilating native americans into white society Carlisle
Nuclear Meltdown Three Mile Island
PA port cities Erie, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia
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