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Chapter 12/13

Defense Industries The war created millions of jobs.
Rationed Scarce items, such as soap, shoes, gasoline, meat, sugar, and butter, by using coupon books.
Recycling Tin, Rubber, and other goods was also important.
Internment Camps Americans living on the West Coast, about 112,000 people, move to?!?!?
Barracks Each camp contained houses for family's.
Strategy A plan to attack?
Liberated To be set free.
HoloCaust The mass murder of Jews and other people.
Gas Chambers Rooms filled with Poison Gas.
Aircraft Carriers The allies sank four of Japan's Carriers.
Atomic Bomb Two thousand more powerful then a regular .
Zionism Is the belief that Jews should have there own country in Palestine, or present-day Israel.
Pacifism Is the belief that was are wrong and that disputes should be settled peacefully.
Cold War It began between the United States and the Soviet Union.
SuperPowers These two struggled over the spread of communism.
Iron Curtain Soon after the Cold War began, Winston Churchill called the Soviet Union's control over Eastern Europe.
Containment In order to stop communism from spreading from Eastern Europe to other areas, Truman developed a policy.
Berlin Airlift The British Air Force also helped. Together they carried out the Airlift.
Arms Race A race to build the largest military forces, began between the United States and the Soviet Union.
Truce The Korean War ended when a or an agreement to stop fighting, was reached in 1953.
McMcarthyism No means the policy of falsely accusing people of working against the governmnet.
Statellite The "space race" became part of the Cold War in 1957 when the Soviet Union sent Sputnik.
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