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U.S. History Review

Review for First Semester Exam

prohibition-18TH AMENDMENT production, transportation and sale of alcohol was banned
effects of prohibition bootlegging, speak easies, mob activity
suffrage ability to vote
imperialism shine on global stage and expand sphere of influence
"square deal" T. Roosevelt, everyone should have a fair deal at a good life
Panama Canal Teddy Roosevelt, used Panamanian people to get land for canal
"manifest destiny" we have a right and a responsibility to expand our influence
Trust, Monopolies companies come together to raise prices
Who was the wartime president during WW I? Wilson
Allied Powers Russia, France, U.K., Italy, U.S.
Central Powers Austria-Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire
trench warfare style of war that characterized WW1, war of attrition, what dragged out WW1
Espionage and Sedition Acts prohibited U.S. citizens from speaking disrespectfully about the country during wartime
League of Nations Wilson's idea, maintain international peace, failed to pass
Why didn't Congress approve League of Nations? Didn't want to come to the aid of other countries, afraid it might pull the U.S. into future European Wars & conflicts.
Great Migration relocation of African Americans from the South to the North
Germany forced to pay other countries reparations
convoy system where merchant ships travel together for safety
Assassination of Archduke Spark that started WW1
Why did U.S. get involved in WWI? Sinking of Lusitania, ties to Britain
Treaty of Versailles peace treaty ending the Great War, super unfair to Germanyball though
Wilson's efforts at peace League of Nations, 14 pts.
Red Scare paranoia in U.S. of people being communists
Conflict between labor and management low salaries + more workers + poor conditions = internal conflict + strikes
consumer goods people spent a lot of money on new things, often on credit
urbanization people flocked to cities
flappers women who dressed and acted like men, shock older generations
Harlem Renaissance jazz, went back to African roots with music and culture, didn't worry about white approval
19th Amendment (Suffrage) Susan B .Anthony
The Maine Ship that blew up in the Havana Harbor
Fireside Chats FDR using the radio to connect with the American people
The philosophy of the "Gospel of Wealth" People using their money to help people
German Kaiser (Emperor/leader) during WW I Kaiser Wilhelm
George Herman Ruth The "Babe" The Bambino, The Sultan of Swat, the most popular sports figure during the 1920's
Created by: MinhBui