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Chapter 14

Who was the Duke of Normandy who defeated the Anglo-Saxons to conquer England? William the Conqueror
What is a unified body of law that became the basis for law in many English-speaking countries? the Common Law
What was the French legislative called? the Estates-General
Who was the duke who began a dynasty of French king that ruled France? Hugh Capet
What is the common language of a place or region? Vernacular
Who was known for scholarly work that combined Christian belief with ideas from the best thinkers of ancient Greece? Thomas Aquinas
Who was the Englishman who preached that Jesus Christ was the head of the Church? John Wycliffe
What was the expansion of trade and business during the European Middle Ages called? The Commercial Revolution
When did the Capetian Dynasty begin and where? France; 987
What killed approximately one-third of the population of Europe? The Bubonic Plague
What was the main philosophy of the European Middle Ages called? Scholasticism
What were two famous pieces of literature written in vernacular? The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer and the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri
What war was faught between France and England that brought an end to Feudalism? Chivalry
What further weakened the people's belief in the church because they had no answers for why so many people were dying? The Bubonic Plague
Three changes that took place in Medieval society are: Rediscovery of trade, learning, education Revival of cities Development of a banking system and middle class Second Agricultural revlution - more food
Why was there a revival of learning from 1100s - 1400s in Medieval Europe? Rediscovery of trade allowed people to learn from other civilizations. Writing helped people develop a new learning system; universities
Define Scholasticism and what two ideas were combined to become the foundation of Medival philosophy? Scholasticism: main philosophy of Middle Ages based that a person's goals was to be a good Christian, follow the teachings of the Church, reach Heaven.
Who was the people who issued the call for the first Crusade? Pope Urban II
What did the Magna Carta guarantee? Basic Legal Rights
Who rights did the Mangn Carta originally intend to defend? English nobility
Explain the purpose of the Reconquista. To drive Muslims out of Spain
How did the Battle of Hastings change the course of English history? Norman took control of England
Define and describe the nature of a guild. Association of people who worked at the same occupation
What was the effect of the three-filed system? Farmers produced more food and villagers had more food to eat
What was the chief goal of the Crusades? Recover holy city of Jerusalem and Holy Land; Palestine from the Muslim Turks
Explain the central issue that was the cause of the Hundred Years' War Central issue was over the throne of France
Who created the royal court of justice and jury system in England? Henry II
What was one negative effect of the Crusades that has continued to the present day? Hostility between Muslims and Christians
Name the legislative body of Medieval England Parliament
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