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Am Hist 16/17

Civil War and Reconstruction

The process of rejoining the seceded southern states back into the US Reconstruction
Change to the Constitution that abolished (outlawed) slavery 13th Amendment
Change to the Constitution that made all people born in the US, except Native Americans, citizens 14th Amendment
Change to the Constitution that gave African American men the right to vote. 15th Amendment
A fee to vote that limited poor African Americans ability to vote. poll tax
Legal separation of African Americans and whites in public places segregation
A Supreme Court case that allowed segregation as long as it was "separate, but equal." Plessy v. Ferguson
The first President to be impeached (charged by the House of Representatives for breaking the law.) Andrew Johnson
The farming system for freed African Americans in which they farmed land and gave the owner of the land part of the crop for the rent payment sharecropping
The agency that helped build schools and hospitals for African Americans and the poor. Freedmen's Bureau
The battle that was the turning point in the Civil War for the Union. Gettysburg
A policy made by Abraham Lincoln that freed slaves during the Civil War in hopes they would help the Union Emancipation Proclamation
The first shots of the Civil War Fort Sumter
The battle that made it clear that the Civil War would not be short. First Battle of Bull Run
Set of laws that limited the freedom and rights of African Americans Black Codes
This person performed on the battlefield and formed the future American Red Cross Clara Barton
The place where Confederate troops surrendered to the Union army Appomatox Courthouse
The military commander for the Union and later president Ulysses S. Grant
The military commander for the Confederate States Robert E. Lee
The Confederate States of America South
The Union North
A naval battle that ended in a draw because of the new ironclad ships Hampton Road/ Monitor and Merimack
Confederate victory even though they had fewer troops than the Union Battle of Chancellorville
This victory allowed the Union to control the southern half of the Mississippi and divide the Confederacy. Battle of New Orleans
Ships heavily armored with metal that made wooden ships outdated Ironclads
The South's hope to get help from Great Britain in the Civil War cotton diplomacy
A war strategy of destroying everything, including civilians' things in a place total war
Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland and Missouri, who had slaves, but sided with the Union border states
Agreement that removed the federal military troops from the South Compromise of 1877
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