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Social Studies Vocab

Social Studies Chapter 13

Eurasia region that lies on both the European and Asian continents
urban relating to the city
suburb smaller community located in the area surrounding a city
consumer goods goods people but to use for themselves such as household product,clothing, and cars
rural relating to the countryside
tundra vast, rolling, treeless plain in high latitude climates in which only the top view inches of ground thaw in summer
taiga huge forest of evergreen trees that grow in subarctic regions
steppe partly dry, treeless grassland often found on the edges of a desert
communism economic, social and political system based on the teachings of Karl Marx, which advocated the elimination of private property
heavy industry industry that products goods such as machinery, mining equipment, and steel
light industry industry that produces goods such as clothing, shoes, furniture,and household products
Slav person from the ethnic group originating in northeast whose native tongue is a Slavic language
majority culture dominant or main culture of a region
minority culture culture other than the majority culture in a region
ethnic conflict dispute between two or more culture, language, and ethnic groups
nomad person who moves from place to place with herds of animals
oasis green area in a desert fed underground water
elevation height of land above sea level
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