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Short Questions

What were the two types of people in roman times poor people = Plebeians rich people = Patricians
Who was the person who found indonesia Ferdinand Magellan
Who found the cape of storms{the bottom of Africa} bartolomeu dias
Name three leaders of the United Irishmen James Connolly,Eamonn Ceannt,Eamon de valera
What were Mussolini's followers called blueshirts
What was Adolf Hitlers Private armies called SS and SA
What were hunter-gather's they were people who collected berries and nuts and hunted for dear and bore for meat
What is a cloister it is someone who lets you walk in piece and pray
Mention two features of Renaissance architecture Pillars,Round windows and doors
Give two reasons why the church had to reform in 1500 all the abuses[Nepitism,Absenteesim,Simon] Sales of Indulegences
What were factory acts they helped to make the amount of wage and hours in the job
What did the British Government do to help in the Famine they set up work houses
What was two metals used in Ireland Juring the bronze age tin and copper
What was the effect after the Famine lots of people starved and imagration
Who was the founder of Sinn Fein Arthur Griffith
Name two historic buildings in the 1916 Rebellion GPO,College of Sandsers
What was appeasement Appeasement was Hitler dealing with other countries
Created by: RobertCallaly