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How do we communicate

What are grunts? Grunts were means of communication when people didn't speak
How did people communicate over long distances in the past? In the past people communicated with smoke signals, drums, fire beacons, but also pigeons and with messengers
What are pictograms? Pictograms are simple pictures that show exactly what they are
What are ideograms? Ideograms are simple pictures that could have more meanings
What are petroglyphs? Petroglyphs are simple images carved in stone
What are cave paintings? Cave paintings are simple pictures in caves painted by prehistoric people
Why do people communicate? People communicate because they want to share their feelings, information, learn about something
What was the first writing? Cuneiform was the first writing
Where does cuneiform come from? Cuneiform comes from Mesopotamia
Why did Sumerians create the first writing? Sumerians invented their writing - cuneiform, to keep records
What were hieroglyphics? Hieroglyphics are the writing system in Ancient Egypt
What did Sumerians write on? Sumerians wrote on clay tablets and with a stylus
What did Egyptians write on? Egyptians wrote on papyrus
What did Romans write on? Romans wrote on wax tablets and papyrus scrolls
Where does alphabet come from? Alphabet comes from Ancient Greece and the first two letters "alpha" and "beta"
What was Acta Diurna? Acta Diurna was a kind of daily newspaper in Ancient Rome where they published official notices
What was a scroll? A scroll was a kind of ancient book, written on papyrus and rolled on both sides
Who was a scribe? A scribe was a person who could read and write
Who invented printing? Gutenberg invented printing
When was printing invented? Gutenberg invented printing in 1450
Who could read books before printing was invented? Only rich people, kings, princes and people working for the church could read and have books in the past
Where can we find the most famous cave paintings? The most famous cave paintings are in Lascaux, France
Why was printing press so important? Printing press was important because more and more people coud buy and read printed books
What was the first printed book? Bible was the first printed book.
Could Sumerians erase what they had written on clay tablets? Cuneiform could be erased only from a fresh clay tablet, when it was dry, it couldn't be erased
Why were wax tablets so useful? Because Romans could write and erase text easily
What writing materials were there? clay tablets and stylus, papyrus, leaves, wood, wax tablets, scrolls, parchment, paper
Why were clay tablets a good material to write on? Text could be erased from clay tablets when they were moist, but when they were dry, nothing could destroy the text
Why was papyrus a good material to write on? Papyrus was made of a plant called papyrus and this plant grew everywhere so it was cheap
Name all writing materials that you know. Clay tablets and stylus, papyrus, parchment, wax tablets, leaves, wood, paper, rocks
What is better: handwriting or printing? Printing is better than handwriting because we can print more books and faster
How does television work? It sends and receives moving images and sound. It uses wires, radio waves or satellite to do so.
What was oratory in Ancient Rome? Oratory in Ancient Rome was the art of public speaking
What can we use paper for? We can use paper to make newspapers, books, magazines, maps, to write letters, cards, to make tissues, furniture and many more.
What is communication? Communication is exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium
How does radio work? Radio is used to communicate with a lot of people at the same time, but it is only one-way transmission. It sends sounds and is wireless, because the message is sent with radio waves that can travel through walls and air.
Who invented television? Philo Farnswort invented the first television.
Who was Philippides? Philippides was the first marathon runner who ran to save his people in Athens and he delivered the message after running over 200km in 2 days
Who was Samuel Morse? Samuel Morse invented the telegraph and created the Morse code
Who was Alexander Bell? Alexander Bell invented the first telephone
What is telegraph and how does it work? Telegraph uses electricity and wires to transmit electrical pulses (dots and dashes) to send messages using Morse code
What is Morse code? Morse code is a system of dots and dashes used to send messages
What is papyrus? Papyrus is an ancient paper-like material. It was made of a plant called papyrus. Egyptians used it to write.
What is parchment? Parchment is a paper-like material made of animal skin
What is telephone and how does it work? Telephone is a machine used to communicate over long distance. It allows people to have long-distance conversations
How is paper made? Paper is made from trees that are cut into small pieces, mixed with water, mashed and later put on a special frame, pressed and dried.
Who invented radio? Marconi invented the first radio. He used radio waves to send one-way transmission
Created by: MarcelinaGonia
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