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Roaring 20s

Roaring 20s Vocabulary and Key Terms

18th Amendment Making, selling, and transporting of alcohol is prohibited (prohibition law)
19th Amendment Women have the right to vote (women's suffrage)
21st Amendment Repeal of the 18th amendment (ends prohibition)
Suffrage The right to vote
Flapper A woman who acted "unladylike." Often wearing short skirts, had short hair, drank, smoked, etc.
Roaring 20s A prosperous time in American history after WWI and before the Great Depression
Economy The wealth or resources of a country or nation
Bootlegger Someone who illegally transports, sells, or manufactures alcohol
Speakeasy A secert or hidden place where people drank alcohol during prohibition
Jazz Age A time when jazz music became very popular with younger people
Culture A way of life or the way people live
Al Capone The leader of the Chicago mafia during the 1920s
Prohibition The time when making, selling, and transporting alcohol became illegal
Propaganda Information and images used to promote a specific point of view
Mafia Groups of organized crime that began to become powerful during prohibition