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The Allies were in good shape when the U.S. joined the war in 1917. False/bad shape
The American Expedittionary Force(AEF) fought with Germany. False/no one
The nickname given to the U.S. soldiers was the doughboys. True
Who are Communists? They are people who favor the equal distribution of wealth and the end of all forms of private property.
The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk is a peace agreement removing France from the war. False/Russia
A)What did Germany see as its best chance to win the war? With Russia out of the war and most U.S. not ready to fight.
B)What did they do about this opportunity? They lauched a series of major attacks to break the stalemate on the western front.
The war was grim for the U.S. troops. True
The U.S. troops stopped the German advance at Chatea-Thierry. True
A)What happened at the Second Battle of the Marne?B)Who had the advantage at the end? A)The U.S. 3rd Division blew up every bridge that the Germans that the Germans had built across the river.B)Allied Forces
The cost of war had been estimated at more than 145 billion for the _____ and 63 billion for the _____. -Allies-Central Powers
_____ and _____ had nearly been wiped out. -Industry-Agriculture
When Wilson outlined a vision for post war Europe and a system to avoid future wars. Fourteen Points
Wilson also emphasized the right of people to decide thier own _____. political status
An international congress of nations designed to settle disputes and protect democrasycy League of Nations
France and Britain also wanted to punish Germany for its role in the war and to ensure Germany would never again be a _____. world power
Who were the big 4? U.S.,Britain,France,Italy
_____ was forced to pay reparations. Germany
What was the Treaty of Versailles? A peace settlement of World War 1
Member nations of the League of Nations would present disagreement to the _____. World court
Even though the League of Nations was President_____ idea, U.S Never became a member. Wilson's
The 369th Infantry was a American soldier. False/African American
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