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7A Manifest Destiny

Westward Expansion

What is a push factor? Reason to leave your home and move elsewhere
What is a pull factor? Reason to move to a particular place
What was the Northwest Ordinance? A plan for creating new states in the Ohio River Valley in the years immediately following the Treaty of Paris.
What was the Treaty of Paris? Agreement that ended the Revolutionary War
What is Manifest Destiny? Belief that the USA should expand across the continent to the Pacific Ocean
Why did Americans support Manifest Destiny? To spread Democracy and the American Culture
Why is the Louisiana Purchase important? It doubled the size of the country
How did the USA get Florida? After Andrew Jackson invaded and took control, Spain sold Florida for $5 million.
Why did the USA want Florida? The Seminole Indians had been attacking Georgia and Florida had been a hiding place for runaway slaves.
How did Mexico become an independent nation? It won its independence from Spain in 1821.
What is an empresario? An agent whose job was to bring settlers to Texas
Why were the Americans in Texas in the 1830s unhappy? They had to follow Mexican law, including becoming Catholic.
What happened at the Alamo? Mexican leader Santa Ana attacked the Texans and killed them all in 1836.
How did the Texas respond to the Alamo Massacre? Sam Houston attacked Santa Ana at San Jacinto and forced him to give Texas its independence.
Who governed Texas from 1836 until 1845? Texas was its own country with Sam Houston as its president.
Why were some Americans concerned about admitting Texas as a new state? Because Texas had slaves, they were afraid the balance between slave and free states would be upset.
How did the USA acquire Oregon? The USA and Great Britain agreed to split the Oregon Country at the 49th parallel because neither wanted another war.
Why did the USA go to war with Mexico in 1846? Mexico and the USA did not agree on the southern border of Texas.
How did the U.S. Mexican War end? The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the war: Mexico gave the USA a huge piece of land called the Mexican Cession.
What was the Gadsden Purchase? The USA paid $10 million to Mexico for the southern part of Arizona and New Mexico to accommodate a railroad.
How did the USA acquire Alaska? Secretary of State Seward bought Alaska from Russia for $7 million.
Which president is most remembered for Manifest Destiny? James K. Polk